Logan Lynn is a songwriter, producer, filmmaker, television personality and activist who Billboard writes “has made a career out of crafting catchy, disorderly songs that almost all include big beats, fun melodies and cheeky lyrics”

He has been producing and releasing music for the past 25 years, and has albums and singles on Caroline Records, EMI Records, The Dandy WarholsBeat The World Records, Greyday Records, Mohr Media, Banana Stand Records, his own label imprint Logan Lynn Music, and Kill Rock Stars.

Lynn is the former host of NewNowNext Music on MTV’s Logo Network and has appeared in a number of televised commercial spots for the channel. His videos have been featured on MTV, VH1, Logo, Spike TV and countless web-based platforms since 2000, and his music has appeared in international advertising campaigns by CoverGirl Cosmetics, Oscar de la Renta, Nicole Miller, Volkswagen and other major brands.

Logan received the prestigious 2017 Award of Excellence from the National Council for his advocacy work in music, TV, film and community, and for founding the Keep Oregon Well campaign to fight the stigma of mental illness. In 2018 Kink FM named him one of The Portland 50, honoring the people who “dreamt, built and championed the innovation, growth and uniqueness of Portland”.

In 2018 Alternative Rockers Portugal. The Man partnered with Logan Lynn on infusing advocacy into their summer tour, engaging the crowds around music and mental health at each sold-out show. The following year it was announced that Lynn had officially joined the Portugal. The Man team in the role of PTM Foundation Executive Director to help build the band’s charitable foundation, which he launched in partnership with Portugal. The Man in 2019. In the years since, he has expanded this work with other bands and artists, including NOFX, Lucy Dacus, Phoebe Bridgers, Julien Baker, Boygenius, and more.

Lynn also joined forces with tech company Top Level Design in 2019 to bring the .gay platform to market alongside George Takei, GLAAD, CenterLink, PFLAG National, Adam Lambert, Roxane Gay and other queer luminaries. That same year, he collaborated with Belgian Producer and Glitch Pop Godfather Styrofoam for Name Your Trouble, which appeared on the series finale of Emmy Award-winning series, EastSiders TV on Netflix — one of five Logan Lynn songs featured on the EastSiders Soundtrack.

Lynn released his first live EP titled Unpeeled in 2020, on Portland’s Banana Stand Records. He announced that he had been working on a new album with Producer Gino Mari during quarantine, and a new single titled “Rich and Beautiful” was released in October 2020 alongside a cover of Liz Phair’s “Fuck and Run”. That same month, “The Library” — a new web series starring Lynn — premiered alongside the global launch of the .gay platform.

Logan signed to Kill Rock Stars in 2021, released a collaboration with fellow KRS artist Bitch as part of the label’s 30th Anniversary compilation record, and was named one of the OUT100 in the Performers of the Year category by Out Magazine. His 10th studio album, and first full-length release for the label, is titled “New Money” and was released January 21st, 2022 on vinyl, CD, digital, and streaming. After 25 years in Portland, Logan Lynn moved to Garden City, Idaho at the end of 2022. He collaborated with LA and PDX-based production duo Yellow Trash Can (ILoveMakonnen, Nova) and released a 5-song EP and short film, titled “Distracted”, on Kill Rock Stars in summer of 2023.

Lynn is releasing his 11th studio album, SOFTCORE, on Kill Rock Stars on June 7th, 2024. 

“For nearly 20 years, dance-pop artist Logan Lynn has made a career out of crafting catchy, disorderly songs that almost all include big beats, fun melodies and cheeky lyrics.”
– Billboard

“2021 OUT100 Performer of the Year”
– Out Magazine

“New Money feels like a bedroom disco record steeped in lockdown-era dread — boasting downers turned uppers. Many tracks on the album, but especially the first two singles, harken back to the thirstiest months of sheltering in place. Whether contrarian or just comfortable with seeming contradiction, Lynn is an artist interested in turning ideas on their heads.”
– The Portland Mercury

“This Portland artist’s latest album is a well-crafted set of New Wave-influenced electro-pop with bright synths, propulsive rhythms and buoyant melodies.”

“Logan Lynn is a modern day Gene Kelly.”
– Innocent Words Magazine

“…lined with synths recalling minimalist mid-’00s rap and an upbeat melody bringing to mind the vibrant indie-pop sounds of the following decade.”
– FLOOD Magazine

”A sublime example of contemporary pop. Lynn’s clear tenor flirts openly with crisp musicianship to create catchy music packed with big ‘80s and ‘90s radio vibes.”
– Bearded Gentlemen Music

“A testament to queer power and gay joy”

“Logan Lynn teams up with Yellow Trash Can to turn big pop into big emotion on Distracted…a beautifully personal EP that explores the unexpected and sometimes painful journey through love, loss, and happiness.”
– ListenBoise

“The sound of lo-fi New Order fused to Depeche Mode grime, albeit with lots more hedonism, gay sex, and musical provocations of the most pleasurable sort — the guy knows what he’s doing, and it’s a delicious thrill to hear.”
– The A.V. Club

“An amazing piece of musical art. New Money makes you dance and it makes you think. Masterfully captures the juxtaposition between dance and thought, between light and dark.”
– Portland Radio Project

“Logan Lynn returned with the delightfully high energy album New Money and fabulous songs like the ultra-danceable Rich And Beautiful really are testament as to why Lynn has endured as long as he has.”
– God is in the TV (UK)

“Simple, direct and effective. With this album, Lynn has tapped into the consciousness and sound of 1980s synthpop and stripped it back to the bare bones, leaving only deep hooks and emotion on display.”
– Music OMH

“Logan Lynn fills the vacant space in music that goes beyond drugs, sex and rock and roll to what happens next, when the wounded and victimized awaken to the potential of their own lives.”
– Sheila Hamilton (Emmy Award Winning Journalist, Radio Host, and Author)

“Empowering + Euphoric”
– Mundane Magazine

“A tribute to finding community when feeling like an outcast.”
– Voice of America

“Kill Rock Stars were my label of the year in ‘21 on their 30th anniversary and one reason they’re still vital is Logan Lynn, whose latest New Money is full of heartfelt lyrics worn hard on a Gucci sleeve, backed by disco ballsy glitch. Upbeat music with melancholic yet optimistic lyrics, it’s a real effervescent blast, a slap of cologne round your chops.”
– Velvet Sheep (UK)

“We loved Logan Lynn’s new album. Musically speaking, it’s super catchy, danceable, sensual, scintillating, halfway between 80s Synthpop and 2020s Electropop. With New Money, Logan Lynn seems to send a rainbow loaded with good vibes from Portland and it feels good.”
– La Parisienne Life (France)

“Logan Lynn captures the high beauty and strength of simple togetherness.”
– Backseat Mafia

“Somehow, a kid who grew up in a fundamentalist Christian church where even musical instruments were too secular to have around has developed into an innovative adult musician with a dirty-honest edge…blunt, raunchy, and fun.”
– Advocate Magazine

“Urgent, danceable, inspired songs.”
– MYSKEUDS (France)

“Defiant, insistent & powerful work…a thoughtful self-interrogation that pulls light out of darkness and healing out of grief, addiction and pain with subtlety, nuance, humor, and lively melodies.”
– Disarm Magazine



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