Oh hi American Songwriter Magazine!

Huge thanks to KEXP DJ Marco Collins (you know…the dude who put Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Beck, Weezer, Garbage, Death Cab for Cutie, and other bands you may have heard of, on the map) for naming me one of his 20 favorite queer artists from the Pacific Northwest!

Check out Marco’s full list in American Songwriter Magazine HERE.

(📸 shot at The Dandy Warhols’ Odditorium by Josúe Rivas for Indígena)

2 weeks from today!

Kill Rock Stars Presents: Other People’s Money — out 6.30.22

Featuring remixes of songs from New Money by MAN ON MAN, JD Samson, Xiu Xiu, Bright Light Bright Light, and Plack Blague! 💋

Pre-order HERE.

For every song, a spectacle.

With less than 300 days to go before my quadranscentennial anniversary as a dude who puts out records kicks off, I’m doing a thing with Gucci to mark the silver jubilee.

Each week between now and the end of the year I’ll be pairing songs from my back catalog with eyewear hand selected from collections by Alessandro Michele for Gucci, to create a GG Playlist that will be released later this year.

Follow along on TikTok, as well as on my IG and FB stories over the coming months for more. The first posts and tracks went up today.

For every song, a spectacle. 💚❤️

#LL25 // #GucciBand





// SOFTCORE (2024)





// R+R CITY (2023)





// DISTRACTED (2023)





// NEW MONEY (2022)





// KRS30YRS (2021)