The Recording Academy: Portland Goes Harder

Thanks to the Recording Academy / GRAMMYs for including me in this story about Portland’s political music scene alongside so many PDX-based artists I love and respect.

“Portland Goes Harder: How PDX’s Disparate, Diverse Music Scene Has Coalesced Around Progressive Politics” is out now.



I have been creating my 90s raver fantasy for this new live show in the background since last year and it is finally almost binky time, friends.

Been rehearsing a bunch and will be making some announcements here very soon.

New Money is coming for you.

Thank you to:

Kill Rock Stars
GreenLight Creative
The Dandy Warhols
Gino Mari
Banana Stand Media

The last time I got wasted was 14 years ago tonight.

Everyone who knew me back then thought I was a goner — but here I am, a very much not-goner.

Appreciate the opportunity to still be gay and stupid after all these years.



Don’t dream it. Be it.

I’m screaming about the blow up doll from my music video’s devastating cameo on tonight’s episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race. She really followed her dreams and it paid off.

Watch doll’s first starring role from last summer’s sex bop on the Kill Rock Stars YouTube channel below. 🖤

Ok this statement from Focus on the Family is the funniest shit I have ever seen in my entire life.

“Certain things are so blatantly offensive that they require no warning. At some point they cease to be vile and cross over into the realm of the merely ridiculous. A quick glance at homosexual pop singer Logan Lynn’s song titles is enough to tell consumers everything they need to know about his work.” – Focus on the Family (2/4/22)

My friend pretended to be a concerned parent in order to get this statement from the music reviews division of James Dobson’s anti-gay evangelical Jesus cult, after hearing me talk about how Focus on the Family’s Parental Guidance Magazine was the only way I discovered secular music as a sheltered Christian kid growing up in said cult, last week on the radio. 🤣🏆

I’m framing the email they sent her, as well as the official statement she got the queer-hating Family Research Council to issue about me and my music. Nothing has ever been funnier, y’all.

Listen to what all the homosexual fuss is about at www.LoganLynn.gay and burn in Hell for an eternity!

I love that everybody has been sending me their New Money selfies this week.

It’s been really cute to see y’all even though we can’t be together in person at the moment.

Send me yours when you get the record!

🤑💰—> www.LoganLynn.gay

10 albums in.

I released my 10th album this week and next year will be celebrating the 25th anniversary of the 1st one. Wild stuff.

I can’t ever tell if I am the hero or the villain of this story, so I usually land on: I am both. People are assholes and I’m one of them. Unlike most of you though, my entire humiliating human journey is on record. Every dark thought I had as a teenager is literally downloadable on iTunes, a quarter of a century later. It’s horrifying and liberating all at once, and has always felt this way to me. I made bedfellows with overexposure early on in my career because I had to as a result of my writing, not because I understood what that would actually mean 25 years down the road.

I’ve been writing songs about what’s happening in my life at any given time since I was a child, and began recording and releasing those songs professionally when I was 17 — still very much a child. Life was all the way off the rails for me back then, and so is everything I did and wrote during that time.

My discography exists in two parts: 1998-2008 sounds like drugs and violence because everything around me was drugs and violence. 2009-now sounds like a person putting things back together after all the drugs and violence. I do my best to stay compassionate with myself about the lot of it, and I am ultimately glad it all exists — but it’s so incredibly hard to look at, in parts. I was a very sad, unwell person for many years, and that comes through loud and clear in all of those tracks from before.

My songs have never been about answers, and they still aren’t. Even now, as a happy, well person, I am all questions and nothing else. It has been this way for as long as I can remember. These albums are just a reflecting pool; kinda hard to make out, quite like the years.

Some of you have been with me this whole time, others have joined at points along the way, and many of you are just getting here now. However you found me and my songs, and however long you have been around, I hope you all know how much it means to me that you are here.

And for anyone about to dig into my back catalog: Apologies in advance. It was the 90s and I was freebasing cocaine.


New Money pre-orders are shipping!

New Money pre-orders are shipping out from Kill Rock Stars as we speak, and then the album is headed to record stores everywhere from there.

Thank you to Slim Moon and the whole label team for making my dreams come true. Big thanks also to Gino Mari, Stephan Hawkes, Redeye, The Planetary Group, Painfully Optimistic, Terrorbird Media, Girlie Action, Silver PR, Alessandro Michele and the team from Gucci, Xiu Xiu, Plack Blague, Medium Build, JD Samson, Bright Light Bright Light, MAN ON MAN, and everyone else who helped us bring this thing to life.

I’m so excited for you to hear this one, friends. Snag a copy from Kill Rock Stars now at www.LoganLynn.gay or pick up a copy from your favorite record store when it’s out! 🏳️‍🌈


Huge thanks to the good folks at Apple Music for adding Baby Britain to their INDIY, New in Alternative, and New in Indie playlists this week! 💙

Give them a spin:

INDIY ▶️ https://apple.co/3HGVgbV

New in Alternative ▶️ https://apple.co/3Gaa7eG

New in Indie ▶️ https://apple.co/3qZ8w4Y

New Year, New Money

I got to make a record with all of the people I love this year for the label that raised me.

This entire album was made possible by partial nudity, snack foods, creepy masks, and vaccines. If you were part of this mess with us, if you have pre-ordered the thing from Kill Rock Stars, or if you are one of the media outlets who covered me in 2021, thank you from the bottom of my butt.


New Money comes out 3 weeks from today, on January 21st. You have until tonight at midnight to be automatically entered to win one of these horny Polaroid sets when you pre-order from Kill Rock Stars at www.LoganLynn.gay


See you next year, friends! 🌈❤️































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