New Single and Music Video — Help Me Out — OUT TODAY on Kill Rock Stars!!!

The Distracted era is officially here! 




From Kill Rock Stars + Terrorbird:

Following Logan Lynn’s 2021 Kill Rock Stars debut full-length album, New Money, he has linked up with Portland and Los Angeles-based production duo Yellow Trash Can on a 5 song EP titled Distracted.

Yellow Trash Can connected with Logan Lynn after reaching out to collaborate on a single track. The team clicked, began writing together, and that one song turned into the Distracted EP over the course of the summer of 2022.

I really loved working with Yellow Trash Can on this project. Their studio in Portland has all kinds of talent coming through it and it has been really cool to be in the mix thereThese songs came together very naturally and we had so much fun making this thing,” said Logan Lynn. “I ended up writing a bunch of songs about getting into a new relationship with a beautiful man who I absolutely adore, after many years of flying solo. It’s a really cute, happy time in my life and that comes through in the music, I think.”

The Distracted EP has a strong feeling of nostalgia, especially on songs like Loud and ClearDistracted and I Got A Man, but with a modern spin that feels new and innovative. It’s a blend of backgrounds and individual influences all coming together to create a unique feeling of home.

Making this EP was so gosh darn fun. Logan’s a GOOF! WE ARE GOOFS!” Yellow Trash Can’s Jason Navarrete continued, “What a wonderful summer project it turned out to be. Every song had minimal roadblocks to completion, which is truly rare. Oddly enough, Distracted was the first song we started and the last one to be complete.

Musical influences on the YTC production side include N.E.R.D, Gorillaz, Modest Mouse, The Smiths, The Cure and others — with Logan Lynn’s influences ranging from 80s pop to 90s alternative and old school techno.

Yellow Trash Can has worked with quite an arsenal of artists and producers. In 2022 they released more than 60 tracks that they produced and/ or wrote on. They landed a song in FIFA23 that they produced for Baby Tate called PEDI. They have worked with Blocboy JB, ILoveMakonnen, Matt Ox, Myke Bogan, NOVA, OnCue, Briana Piedra, Kill Nigel, BRYYCE, Hushdegod, and many others.

In addition to the Distracted EP collaboration with Logan Lynn, Yellow Trash Can has an album coming out with Drake protégé ILoveMakonnen for 2023, titled Everything Is Fake. They also have EPs releasing in 2023 with Kill Nigel, Myke Bogan, BATHLETE, Blake Yung, and an array of singles with too many artists to count.

Logan Lynn is currently in the studio working on his follow-up full length album for Kill Rock Stars, due out in 2024.

New Logan Lynn X Yellow Trash Can Single “Help Me Out” Coming March 22nd!

I am so excited to announce that my new EP, Distracted — a collaboration with Production duo Yellow Trash Can — will be released on Kill Rock Stars July 21st!

The first single, Help Me Out, comes out 3 weeks from today. (March 22nd)

Pre-save the EP at www.YellowTrashCan.gay and pre-save the single at www.LoganLynn.gay! 💛🗑️

Last year I did something that surprised even me — I met a man from Boise and moved to Garden City, Idaho to be with him.

The songs on the Distracted EP are all about navigating that experience and the subsequent big life changes which followed — as well as the joy and peace I found in the process.

I had kind-of given up on love, sex, and relationships, and had spent over 5 years very intentionally practicing total celibacy — no dating at all — after my last relationship ended so unceremoniously. I was hurt and stuck and had gone so far inward I was nearly impossible to reach — but this man found me where I was at, pulled me in close, and has just continued to hold me there. It’s been nothing short of magic, and I wrote these songs with Yellow Trash Can to celebrate that.

The first track is about how scary it was to be seen, touched, kissed, and cared for after so long; how tricky long distance relationships can be; and how ultimately I was not able to get myself out of the solitude. It took a handsome, kind, compassionate man to help me out. These songs are for him. For us.

I also made a short film for the release with Filmmaker Katie Marks and will be putting out scenes from the Distracted movie over the coming months. Can’t wait to show you!









// HELP ME OUT (2023)




// I GOT A MAN (2023)




// DISTRACTED (2023)




// NEW MONEY (2022)