That’s a wrap, Idaho!

Hey friends! Wanted to share the news that Casey and I are going to be moving to Portland together in September.

I came to Idaho for love, stuck around to make a record and a film, and am leaving after two years because, try as I might, this is just not my home. Oregon is. And Casey is. So here we go.

Thank you to everyone in Boise who has shown me kindness, welcomed me into your homes and scenes, collaborated on music, or made me feel like I belonged in some other way while I have lived here by making space for me in your lives.

My Idaho experience has been really mixed. Pretty lonely, actually. I miss my family. I miss my friends. My studio is in Portland. My record label is there. Most of the other bands I work with are PDX-based. And I absolutely hate feeling like I am in danger just being alive as a gay man in a deeply red state. But those of you who have made me feel safe and let me sit at your table here in Idaho will always hold a special place in my heart and history. Thank you.

And to our PDX community: We’ll see you this fall!

Logan Lynn on the Revolutions Per Movie Podcast this week!

I’m the guest on this week’s Revolutions Per Movie Podcast, chatting about one of my all-time favorites, Vox Lux.


From the show:

This week, we talk to indie pop dance legend and Kill Rock Stars recording artist, Logan Lynn, who picked the extremely intense music narrative film, Vox Lux, to discuss. We discussed the realities and tropes of music films, Lynn’s early years as a teenager on a major label, the lack of protection for young artists within creative industries, addressing addiction and trauma in your art, the notion of selling out, backstage rituals, making fun of ‘The Devil’, the Swedish Pop Mafia, how music gets taken out of context, whether or not Natalie Portman is a convincing pop icon in the movie and so much more. So get ready to dance through the pain on this week’s Revolutions Per Movie.

— Revolutions Per Movie —
Host Chris Slusarenko (Eyelids, Guided By Voices, owner of Clinton Street Video rental store) is joined by actors, musicians, comedians, writers & directors who each week pick out their favorite music documentary, musical, music-themed fiction film or music videos to discuss. Fun, weird, and insightful, Revolutions Per Movie is your deep dive into our life-long obsessions where music and film collide.





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