For Your Consideration…

For Your Consideration: First round Grammys voting opened today and we are on the ballot in 4 categories!

If you are a Recording Academy voting member, we would love your support.

The “Distracted” EP is up for Record of the Year, “I Got A Man” is up for Song of the Year, the “Distracted” short film is up for Best Music Film, and my collaboration with Yellow Trash Can is up for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance.

We love y’all!

Kill Rock Stars
The Planetary Group
Terrorbird Media

The Distracted EP comes out 3 weeks from tomorrow on the world’s finest record label, Kill Rock Stars, alongside the short film by the same name.

The story of this EP is a long and winding road. It began as a tribute to a man I loved and ended as a farewell to that very man and said love. Life came at me fast this round, and I did my best to pivot mid-air, both personally and creatively. It has been humiliating and beautiful, all at once.

Huge thanks to filmmaker Katie Marks and my collaborators Yellow Trash Can for being all the way in for the ride. This has turned out to be one of the most meaningful projects of my entire career, thanks to you all.

Also I have since met someone wonderful. Love is funny like that. It always manages to find me in the end. I hope it finds you, too.

Pre-order now at www.YellowTrashCan.gay and live forever!


Thank you to everyone who has been streaming and watching Loud and Clear the past few days since its release.

This song is about loving someone who ultimately doesn’t have space for you in their life because that space is already filled by someone else. It’s about wrestling with that painful truth while also still really wanting this other person and doing whatever it takes to try and carve out a space for yourself and make things work. It’s about ignoring red flags and all the things we tell ourselves in order to smooth out the rough edges of our humanity when they appear jagged and torn in that sort of environment.

The truth is, all people hide. We hide from ourselves, and we hide from one another. It’s human nature. For me, it can sometimes be hard to remember what I deserve, just broadly, but I think I often deserve so much more than I am willing to accept.

This song is about naming and reconciling that power dynamic and still holding tight to love — even when it’s not returned.






// R+R CITY (2023)





// DISTRACTED (2023)





// NEW MONEY (2022)