The Distracted EP comes out 3 weeks from tomorrow on the world’s finest record label, Kill Rock Stars, alongside the short film by the same name.

The story of this EP is a long and winding road. It began as a tribute to a man I loved and ended as a farewell to that very man and said love. Life came at me fast this round, and I did my best to pivot mid-air, both personally and creatively. It has been humiliating and beautiful, all at once.

Huge thanks to filmmaker Katie Marks and my collaborators Yellow Trash Can for being all the way in for the ride. This has turned out to be one of the most meaningful projects of my entire career, thanks to you all.

Also I have since met someone wonderful. Love is funny like that. It always manages to find me in the end. I hope it finds you, too.

Pre-order now at www.YellowTrashCan.gay and live forever!


Baby Britain is out today!

My cover of Elliott Smith’s Baby Britain is out today on Kill Rock Stars. This is the 4th single from my forthcoming LP New Money, which arrives on the 21st.

You know the drill!

LISTEN ▶️ https://pocp.co/baby-britain

WATCH 🎥 https://youtu.be/dRle-B1vzSE

This track was produced by me and Gino Mari, and it was mixed and mastered by Gino and Stephan Hawkes, like all of the songs on this new record.

The video was created by Clyde Petersen, with puppets by Chris Looney.

Merry Christmas! Bad vibes only.

🎥 Watch: https://youtu.be/-tkvNb-5LNk

▶️ Listen: https://pocp.co/its-christmas






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