Today marks two weeks since my shot and I feel really grateful. Actually mostly I feel sad and horny but I’m pretty sure grateful comes next.

Anyway, let’s make out.

#GGmulticolor #GucciOffTheGrid // 📸 Polaroid i-Type Film, 2021

Got my Covid-19 vaccine on Friday and have been really sick ever since. Finally starting to come around now, exactly 43 hours later, but yesterday I barfed on the treadmill because I couldn’t make it to the bathroom and then once I started I couldn’t stop so I just kneeled on the treadmill and barfed on it like a dog for several minutes.

Speaking of dogs, happy #NationalPetDay to the world’s greatest nurse.

Pretty Baby // 📸 Polaroid i-Type Film, 2021

Finally found a vaccine appointment! I haven’t wanted a needle in my arm this badly since 1998.

#Gucci // 📸 Polaroid i-Type Film, 2021

Logan Lynn on Flawless Foundation’s Zoom Podcast This Week

I’m the guest this week on Flawless Foundation’s Zoom series, talking about self-care and fashion in the time of quarantine and a bunch of other stuff! 🤘

Check out the full convo below:

It’s Mental Health Awareness Month…

It’s Mental Health Awareness Month and calls to the national hotline providing emergency help to people suffering from emotional distress are up 891% from this time last year. People are suffering, and the isolation and separation we are all experiencing as a result of this pandemic are taking a toll.

As someone who has struggled with mental and behavioral health issues my whole life, I’m feeling so grateful to be in a good place these days — though I picked a hell of a time to be stone cold sober.

It took me years to find the right anxiety medication, decades to work through the experiences which were fueling my previous addiction, and a lifetime to find compassion for myself in the midst of it all…but I’m there now.

Whenever the light in my life disappears I try and remind myself that light actually has to travel 6 trillion miles and takes a full earth year to move through space before we ever see it on this planet. That doesn’t mean the light wasn’t there the whole time. It just takes a light year to actually get to us. If you are in a place right now where it’s not visible, I promise it’s still there, and will make its way to you again eventually.

Please don’t suffer alone. If you text HOME to 741741 there are licensed professionals available 24/7 to talk with you and can help connect you to resources. And I’m here for you, too. Don’t hesitate to reach out. 🖤


For those of you with loved ones who insist on being assholes during quarantine:

Anyone who is not a member of your household should not be coming over, visiting your home, interacting with you and your family in person, or coming inside your house. This includes your parents, siblings, grandparents, romantic partners, friends, fiancées, coworkers, and kids.

People who do not live with you at your address and insist on breaking stay-at-home orders are risking the safety of your immediate family members, and are being super selfish and reckless. It’s just fucking stupid.

Yes, this time apart sucks. It’s lonely and hard and we all miss our people right now — but the folks who are still doing this irresponsible shit risk extending this lockdown to months, not weeks, for all of us (at best) and risk literally killing other people (at worst).


Hell Yes, Gucci.

‪As of this past week, my friends at Gucci have repurposed all of their social media channels to be official messaging channels for the World Health Organization and I have never loved them more. 💚❤️‬

‪#GucciCommunity ‬

Celsi Celebration Fundraiser for PTM Foundation Postponed Due To Coronavirus

Well, this is a bummer. The March 21st fundraiser event for PTM Foundation with Portugal. The Man, Zia McCabe from The Dandy Warhols, Tommy Graven, the Multnomah County Democrats and others is being postponed due to the Coronavirus outbreak and Oregon’s ban on public events of more than 250 people.

This party will still be happening — just not right now. Stay tuned for details on the reschedule…and wash your hands! ✊

Oops. Still Sober.

As I approach the 12th anniversary of my being in recovery from cocaine and alcohol, I am genuinely feeling really happy to be here, and so excited about life.

This hasn’t always been the case, as anyone who has followed me for any length of time will already know. I was using drugs back then for a reason — many reasons, actually — and those reasons didn’t magically disappear just because I quit smoking crack and killing my body slowly with vodka. If anything, those reasons became clearer and felt worse as I was getting well.

I am forever thankful for my doctors, who allowed me to go on a journey of harm reduction instead of total abstinence at first. The reality is, this recovery would never have worked if I hadn’t been put on Naltrexone for cravings, or if I hadn’t been able to use medical marijuana during my transition from suicidal junkie to regular human person. Pot saved me for many years, and gave me the space and time I needed to become myself again after nearly two decades of orbiting the atmosphere alone.

A few months ago, the weed stopped helping like it once had, and I went back to the same team of docs who had saved me, to see what was up. I made the transition from medical marijuana to BusPar around that time and almost immediately felt that impending sense of doom I’ve had strapped to my back since childhood disappear completely.

This is all just to say, recovery looks different for everyone, and it changes over time. If medication assistance helps you, take the medicine. I certainly have, and I’m zero percent ashamed about it. If you are experiencing addiction but aren’t ready to go totally sober right at first, then just find ways of hurting yourself less. That all counts as recovery, too — and fuck anyone who tries to tell you otherwise.

If you had told me 12 years ago that this life I’ve been living would someday be mine to live, I would never have believed you…but here we are. Healthy, happy and loved. 100% sober. Alive, inspired, and grateful. This shit is a goddamn miracle. 🤘💛

Feature Story on Logan Lynn and Portugal. The Man on Northwest Music Scene this Week!

Thank you to the folks at Northwest Music Scene for the feature story this week on our upcoming tour with Portugal. The Man! Check it out HERE, or keep reading below.

From Northwest Music Scene: (8/1/18)

Portland-based indie rockers Portugal. The Man are teaming up with Keep Oregon Well and its co-founder Logan Lynn to advocate for mental health awareness throughout Oregon.

Lynn, who co-founded the campaign in 2014, agreed that mental health needs to be discussed more openly to help break the stigma surrounding it. “As a suicide survivor myself, I know how important not feeling isolated is,” he said in a statement. “Stigma exists because people have been made to feel like mental and behavioral health challenges are personal character flaws, versus being like any other medical condition. If you break your arm tomorrow, would you feel shame?”

Lynn made clear that in all he does, he has only one end point in mind: “I won’t stop doing this work until every last bit of the shame that prevents people like me from seeking help in the first place, is gone.”

Below is the full list of dates:

Aug. 24th — Portland, Oregon (McMenimans Edgefield)
Aug. 25th — Portland, Oregon (McMenimans Edgefield)
Aug. 30th — Jacksonville, Oregon (Britt Pavilion)
Aug. 31st — Bend, Oregon (Les Schwab Amphitheater)

More information can be found on Keep Oregon Well’s website here.


Logan Lynn Leaving Chief Impact Officer Role at Keep Oregon Well to Focus on “My Movie Star” Release and Tour

Hi friends!

As you all know, back in 2014, I joined forces with Oregon’s largest provider of mental and behavioral healthcare for children and families, Trillium Family Services. Since that time, our team has worked tirelessly to build and launch the organization’s advocacy platform: Keep Oregon Well!

Since its inception, the #KeepOregonWell campaign and social movement has been fighting stigma and ending the discrimination facing people with persistent mental health conditions, in partnership with thousands of individuals, bands, artists, celebrities, authors, athletes, media outlets, companies and organizations, all committed to creating safer, more supportive, trauma-informed communities across the state. Reaching so many people every week through the Keep Oregon Well partner network, this movement has grown organically, received grants, won awards, opened doors to healing, transformed schools and workplaces, expanded into new corners of Oregon, and continues to authentically meet community where they are to this day.

After 4 years and countless hearts and minds changed, I am leaving my role as Chief Impact Officer at Trillium Group to focus on a mountain of upcoming music and TV projects. Building this movement with each and every one of you—and watching it take off—has truly been one of the most meaningful experiences of my life. Thank you so much for the opportunity, for your belief in me, and for all of these years of support. I carry each of you with me as I go, and I can’t wait to watch Keep Oregon Well grow from afar!

My buddies Portugal. The Man are just some of the many partners who have committed to sharing the message of Keep Oregon Well over these years. I will be with the band at their shows in Oregon later this month, sharing the message of mental health wellness (though in an unofficial capacity, by that time). I hope to see you all there!

Join the Keep Oregon Well movement today by taking the #MentalHealthMatters Pledge to Fight Stigma at www.KeepOregonWell.com and follow my next adventure right here!

Logan Lynn and Portugal. The Man Feature Story on Track Record Mexico

From Track Record MX: (7/13/18)

Portugal. The Man en defensa de la salud mental y “despertar conciencias

La banda estadounidense colaborará con la campaña Keep Oregon Well.

Luego de un año activo en el que Portugal. The Man ha estado de gira promocionando Woodstock, su más reciente álbum de estudio, la banda estadounidense ha decidido integrarse a Keep Oregon Well, campaña pública en defensa de la salud mental y “despertar conciencias” dirigida por Logan Lynn, músico conocido por su activismo social.

De acuerdo con un comunicado compartido por Billboard, el líder de Portugal. The Man, John Gourley, la inmersión en los temas de salud mental es parte de la banda: “la salud mental es un asunto personal para nosotros. Como músicos que viajamos constantemente, el cuidado propio puede romperse rápidamente en el camino”.

Portugal. The Man, el éxito mediático y Keep Oregon Well

La banda originaria de Portland, Oregon, consiguió el éxito mediático gracias a “Feel It Still”, sencillo principal de Woodstock, lanzado el año pasado, que superó sus expectativas y se convirtió en la canción número uno en 18 países a lo largo del 2017. En enero, la canción se llevó el Grammy por Mejor Dúo Pop e Interpretación Grupal.

Por su parte, la fundación Keep Oregon Well es un proyecto de la organización Mental Health Matters que busca ser un “movimiento social” diseñado para “reducir los estigmas” que existen en torno a la salud mental y el comportamiento, según su página oficial. Su propósito es “crear una comunidad informada sobre la existencia de traumas mentales y dar la oportunidad de aprender más sobre la salud mental y al mismo tiempo apoyar a aquellos que luchan por mantenerla”.

En 2014, Logan Lynn, que ha trabajado para bandas como The Dandy Warhols, fundó la campaña después de intentar suicidarse: “como un sobreviviente, sé lo importante que es no sentirse solo. Los estigmas existen porque gente nos ha hecho sentir que los retos mentales y de comportamiento son defectos personales y no lo ven como cualquier otra condición médica. Si te rompes el brazo mañana, ¿te sentirías avergonzado?”, señaló en el comunicado.

Después de pasar tiempo en rehabilitación por problemas de adicción al crack y el intento de suicidio, Lynn también ha dedicado su labor como músico a enfrentar la discriminación contra la comunidad LGBTTTI.

“No dejaré de hacer este trabajo hasta que la última parte de la vergüenza que hace que personas como yo no busquemos ayuda, se vaya”, expresa Lynn. Por su lado, Gourley señaló que la alianza con Keep Oregon Well pretende también inspirar a sus fans para apoyar a la causa, o bien, buscar ayuda si es que lo requieren.






























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