New Logan Lynn Single Released Today!

Hey friends! My new single, “Do You Want Me Or Not?” was released everywhere music is sold today. This is the 2nd song we’ve put out so far from my upcoming record “Tramp Stamps and Birthmarks”, and we just started shopping the record around to labels this week. The next few weeks should be interesting! As with most things in this industry, the first week of sales and downloads matters a great deal – so if you are into it, click HERE to get it from iTunes now or click HERE to get it from CD Baby!

I worked with David Appaloosa (from The Hugs) on “Do You Want Me Or Not?” and the track was produced by Gino Mari. There is also a killer remix of “Turn Me Out” on this one by 80’s new wave gods Animotion! So excited about the folks I’ve been working with on this new record. Oh my god.

Thanks for supporting indie music! You rule.

Logan Lynn’s “Do You Want Me Or Not?” Featured on Hype Machine, Accidental Bear, Viva Indie Rock, Surviving The Golden Age, and Eat Yo Beats Today!

We released the audio for my new single “Do You Want Me Or Not?” this week and have had a few notable press hits so far today. Check them out via the links below.

Hype Machine
Accidental Bear
Viva Indie Rock
Surviving The Golden Age
Eat Yo Beats

Now…listen to Animotion’s “Turn Me Out” Remix!!!









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