Logan Lynn (2009)

You can check out the full review HERE but there’s a bit of the post below to tide you over just below:

“The best thing about reviewing music is getting advance releases like Logan Lynn’s From Pillar to Post in the mail. On paper, Lynn reads like many other up and coming artists out there. “Bucking the system”. “Embracing his DIY roots”. “Lynn’s just making music he wants to make”. It would be quite easy to dismiss him. It’s a good thing he really is doing all of these quotes and more…

His musical approach is a unique blend of lyrics that lift from life-lessons & emotional experiences, utilizing a minimalist mix of pulsating electronic beats. From Pillar to Post sounds like the soundtrack to the day-to-day – be it commuting to work or texting your significant other. Lynn’s music will play well in the background of your life – in a clothing store, or as a backdrop to an evening latte at your local bean house. His sound is a bit more commercial than the likes of M83 and Ulrich Schanuss, and he flirts with the sounds of Ladytron and Metric to a certain extent.

What’s really refreshing about Lynn – is his very organized website. On it you’ll find affordable purchase options for From Pillar to Post. Everybody who purchases his music (be it on CD, LP or as a digital download) also gets a four volume remix EP entitled Blood In The Water for free. Visitors can stream the entire From Pillar to Post album before purchasing, and even take an mp3 of ‘Write It On My Left Arm (Ariake REMIX)’ as a free song to keep.

Released worldwide through The Dandy Warhol’s Beat The World Records on November 24th, you can get in on an online pre-release of the album from Lynn’s website now. Check it out – you’ll be hearing more from this fellow… I can guarantee it.”

Nice, huh?






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