Flufftronix Releases Remastered “Feed Me To The Wolves” Remix – Download FREE Here!

One of my favorite remixes of one of my songs is Flufftronix’s mix of “Feed Me To The Wolves” and it has been remastered and re-released by Fluffy himself. Download the remix for zero dollars HERE or click on the album cover below. Cool, huh?

From the Flufftronix Soundcloud page:

Recently I’ve been kind of rethinking my entire approach to making music, oddly enough around a quote from Cher, “If it doesn’t matter in five years, it doesn’t matter.” Music is more disposable now than it’s ever been; trying to make music that transcends flavor of the month should really be a major concern if you want to last past a few internet cycles.

I’ve been at this production thing for some now, always learning A TON as I go (for reallllll to the point that it always feels like I learn better ways to do almost anything I was doing differently 6 months ago).. and really for the most part not thinking in terms of longevity. But I think I have occasionally succeeded at it, even if by accident sometimes—case in point this remix from the Summer of 2009. I find I do my best work when I have a solid melody and harmony to work around.. which is also one of the main things I’m trying to improve on learning how to do myself in 2013.

ANYHOO I’ve been doing some mixing and mastering work lately, and know way more about this stuff now than I did in 2009.. let alone 2012! I was never really happy with my shoddy DIY master on this track, so I took some time this past weekend to fix it up. I didn’t go back into the mix—I’m a budy dude and I know this would have sucked me in!—but I did do some much more appropriate compression and limiting. Thanks, hope yall dig! -Michael / Fluff


This 18 song remix collection has brought my “From Pillar To Post” record from 2009 to new life! From dubstep to booty house to vintage disco to techno these cuts don’t let up. Featuring remixes by Styrofoam, Flufftronix, The Gentry, Boy In Static, Y-Tron, Strobe Party!, Daniel Cartier, Ariake Waveband, Odd Year, Naked Highway, Sound///Audio, Jimi Python, Very International Love, Bad Life + Gadgets, T Vicious, Supercorsa, Neapolitan Beard, and Digital Intruder. These tracks have only been available during the “From Pillar To Post” pre-release until now and this has 2 brand new tracks never before released!!!

Dance. Party. Time.
Get it, gurrrrrlz.


To get your copy from iTunes CLICK HERE.

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Logan Lynn: “Blood In The Water” (2011)


1. Feed Me To the Wolves (Flufftronix Remix)
2. Alone Together (Boy In Static Remix)
3. Write It On My Left Arm (Y-Tron Remix)
4. Bottom Your Way To The Top (The Gentry Remix)
5. Burning Your Glory (Strobe Party! Remix)
6. Bleed Him Out (Styrofoam Remix)
7. Feed Me To the Wolves (Daniel Cartier Remix)
8. Write It On My Left Arm (Ariake Waveband Remix)
9. If He Hollers (Odd Year Remix)
10. Bottom Your Way To The Top (Naked Highway Remix)
11. Feed Me To the Wolves (Sound///Audio Remix)
12. Burning Your Glory (Jimi Python Remix)
13. Bottom Your Way To the Top (Very International Love Remix)
14. Write It On My Left Arm (Bad Life + Gadgets Remix)
15. Burning Your Glory (T Vicious Remix)
16. Feed Me To the Wolves (Supercorsa Remix)
17. Bottom Your Way To the Top (Neapolitan Beard Remix)
18. The Dotted Line (Digital Intruder Remix)





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