Support Ukrainian LGBTQ+ People This Bandcamp Friday

I am partnering with Kill Rock Stars to donate 100% of sales from my Bandcamp store this Bandcamp Friday to support OutRight Action International’s Emergency fund for LGBTQ+ Ukrainians.

Learn more about their work HERE.

It’s A Good Day To Support Independent Musicians

If you feel like supporting independent music, today is a great day to buy some records!

Bandcamp is giving 100% of the profits from sales today to the artists themselves, and I’ll be donating 100% of today’s proceeds to the MusiCares COVID-19 Relief Fund.

You can find my entire catalog (1998-2020) at LoganLynn.Bandcamp.com

Celsi Celebration Fundraiser for PTM Foundation Postponed Due To Coronavirus

Well, this is a bummer. The March 21st fundraiser event for PTM Foundation with Portugal. The Man, Zia McCabe from The Dandy Warhols, Tommy Graven, the Multnomah County Democrats and others is being postponed due to the Coronavirus outbreak and Oregon’s ban on public events of more than 250 people.

This party will still be happening — just not right now. Stay tuned for details on the reschedule…and wash your hands! ✊

Team PTM Makin’ Moves

Been a long, rainy couple of weeks in Portland, Oregon — but full of opportunities to connect and make sure the people I care about know how much they mean to me.

Lots of really exciting announcements coming up soon, but here’s a little bit of what I’ve been up to with Portugal. The Man as we move toward launching PTM Foundation this year…

Portland City Commissioner Amanda Fritz, Senior Policy Advisor Cynthia Castro, Tribal Relations Director Laura John, and the Office of Government Relations have been working hand-in-hand with Communities of Indigenous Peoples and allies across the region to build a coalition of support for city-wide policy which will ensure that Land Acknowledgements take place at all City of Portland events! So awesome. Nice work, Commissioner! Thanks for hosting us last week at City Hall. We’re all super excited to support these efforts.

Later that same day, Zachary Carothers and I went to hear Tara Zhaabowekwe Houska speak about her work on the frontlines of environmental justice at the intersection of Indigenous Rights and it was nothing short of completely inspired.‬

‪We also had breakfast with Tara that morning and got to hear all about her mission and vision. So glad we got to connect while she was in town. My main takeaway is always: I have so much to learn.

The reality is, Indigenous Peoples face persistent and enduring challenges to their communities, their lands, and their basic human rights, with extremely limited support from the broad spectrum of philanthropic institutions…which is why the band has decided to launch PTM Foundation in the first place. The extreme disparity is wrong, and we’re going to do something about it.

Join special guests Portugal. The Man, Jillene Joseph from Native Wellness InstituteMultnomah County Democrats, and many other rad folks on Saturday, March 21st in Portland to help #GetOutTheNativeVote and raise crucial funds for Indigenous-led programs across the U.S.!

We’re also headed to DC this weekend for the National Congress of American Indians Awards where Portugal. The Man is being honored with the 2020 Public Sector Leadership Award!

See you soon, East Coast. 🏆

Logan Lynn’s New Charity Single Featured On The Deli Today. Check It Out Here.

Logan Lynn by Ray Gordon (2016) - 3

Our new charity single, “Go There When You Want To Be Loved”, a fundraiser in support of the Pulse Orlando families and survivors, is featured today on The Deli.

Check out the online version HERE, or read the transcript below.

From The Deli: “Logan Lynn Releases Single for Orlando Victims” (6/22/16):

The recent tragedy that happened at Orlando’s Pulse nightclub has obviously stunned the nation but more specifically, the LGBTQI community as the center of the attack. While many of us remain mournful and full of sorrow, some took to their respective creative outlets to express their feelings. Local Logan Lynn falls into that latter category.

He released his track for “Go There When You Want To Be Loved” just two days after the June 12th massacre, with a heartfelt statement on the track’s Bandcamp page.

“I feel sick and afraid. I want to cancel all of my upcoming public appearances and find a closet to go back inside of. But I cannot. And I will not. I will not be made quiet by fear. I will not let American apathy dictate my path. And I will never stop hoping that change will come,” Logan wrote.

“I wrote this song “Go There When You Want To Be Loved” about my own feeling that there is no safe place for me in the world at times as a gay man, as a person living with persistent mental health struggles, and as a public person known for both. These lyrics feel like the only words I can find for how I am feeling, so I am releasing it now as a fundraiser for my queer family in Orlando.”

Logan’s sentiments aren’t outcast, as many relate and are looking for this opportunity as a much needed chance to band together and support one another. With vigils happening across the world and very inclusive, grandiose ones happening on Portland’s front, that support is extensive.

All proceeds from Logan’s track are going towards the recovery of the LGBTQI community in Orlando. We’re coming out of Pride Week, but don’t let that stop the feeling. Listen to it, share it, do what you can. The community needs it.

Logan Lynn Interview in Coming Up Music Magazine This Month! Read It Here First.

Logan Lynn by Ray Gordon (2016) - 6

New interview this week in Coming Up Music Magazine about the new record, our charity single in support of the Pulse Orlando families and survivors, my own mental health journey and more.

Read it online HERE, or check out the transcript below.

From Coming Up Music Magazine: “Logan Lynn Continues To Keep Oregon Well” (6/21/16)

According to the National Alliance of Mental Illness, about 1 in 5 adults in the US experience mental illness in a year. Imagine sitting on a bus and taking a look around – during rush hour, that’s a lot of people sitting on the bus going through something whether it be anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder or one of the other illnesses out there. Research has been done, but there’s still a ways to go before fully understanding them all. For now doctors continue to help those in need and people like artist Logan Lynn, along with Keep Oregon Well, are advocates for the matter.

Suffering from mental illness on a personal level, Lynn knows all too well what others are going through and wanted to lend his helping hand. He does so not only with Keep Oregon Well, but also by being honest and direct about his own experiences through his music – like on his upcoming release ADIEU. Lynn sat down with Coming Up to talk about a little bit of everything, so check it out below.

Kendra Beltran: Mental illness is something you’re quite the advocate for. When did you start wanting to be a sort of voice for making people more aware of it?

Logan Lynn: That’s true. I am…and I think this happened really by accident. Read the rest of this entry »

Logan Lynn and Gino Mari Release Charity Single for Pride Month in Support of Pulse Orlando Families and Survivors. OUT NOW.

Logan Lynn by Ray Gordon (2016) - 2

On Saturday I woke up to the news of singer Christina Grimmie being gunned down and killed at a meet and greet with fans after her show. On Sunday I woke up to the news of extreme LGBT violence by way of the deadliest shooting in U.S. history.

I feel sick and afraid. I want to cancel all of my upcoming public appearances and find a closet to go back inside of. But I cannot. And I will not. I will not be made quiet by fear. I will not let American apathy dictate my path. And I will never stop hoping that change will come. Never. At times like this it’s important to remember that somewhere in the world, good is still happening. Cute, simple things are still real during ugly, complicated days.

I wrote this song “Go There When You Want To Be Loved” about my own feeling that there is no safe place for me in the world at times as a gay man, as a person living with persistent mental health struggles, and as a public person known for both. These lyrics feel like the only words I can find for how I am feeling, so I am releasing it now as a fundraiser for my queer family in Orlando.

Keep laughing. Keep kissing. Keep dancing. Keep loving each other. Keep fighting for your place in the world. Gay is great and so are you.

100% of the proceeds of this single will go to support recovery efforts in Orlando’s LGBT community. Click HERE to purchase your copy.

LOOK: Logan Lynn Featured on Portland Society Page with Ruth Radelet from Chromatics (PHOTOS)

Logan Lynn and Ruth Radelet from Chromatics at Q Center Winter Gala

This year I attended Q Center’s Annual Gala fundraiser for Portland’s LGBTQ Community with Ruth Radelet, lead singer of Chromatics (and muse to Karl Lagerfeld). We are old friends and it was a really fun, fancy night. Portland Society Page featured the event and ran a photo of the two of us being fancy and having fun HERE.

Below are some of the highlights from our evening…

Ruth Radelet at Q Center Gala 2014Logan Lynn - Ruth Radelet - Aleksandr Peikrishvili - at Q Center Winter Gala 2014
Kissing Dudes at Parties FTWShe Bids She Scores
Logan Lynn and Wild Planet Radio at Q Center GalaLogan Ruth and Rob at Q Center Gala 2014


Hey kids! “Hip to be Q” is Q Center‘s theme for Pride weekend this year, with the all-ages kick-off party on Friday, June 17th being the 2nd in the Q Center Concert Series I’ve developed for the organization. As the overall theme, “Hip to be Q” is a throw-back to the very 1st pride parade in 1970 on Christopher Street in NYC. We are going vintage this year, bringing it all back to the roots of our mission as queer people.

The 1st show of the Q Center concert series (an acoustic extravaganza with Matt Alber, Tom Goss & Shannon Grady) was a huge success and this one is sure to be even bigger. Tickets went on sale yesterday and are available on the Q Center website. With this 2nd show I wanted to feature a variety of electronic, pop and dance acts from the queer and allied community. I figured since we wanted to have a pride kick-off party as well, combining the two events made sense. So…what we have is one giant mini-festival of emerging talent and acts. Some national, some local…ALL incredible.

Headlining “Hip to be Q” on Friday, June 17th are the following:

Jenna Riot
Adventures! with Might
Kaia Wilson (from Team Dresch)
Leviticus Appleton
DJ Lunchlady

The show starts at 5pm and goes until 2am. In addition to a bunch of killer DJs we have the following supporting acts booked for short sets throughout the evening, before and after the main program listed above:

– Swagger
– Rose City Sirens
– Drag Mansion
– DJ Bruce LaBruiser
– ChiChi & Chonga
– Fannie Mae Darling
– Dexter Flowers
– Belinda Carroll
– Hugo Orozco

…and much, MUCH more!


SEE YOU NEXT MONTH EVERYBODY! Get your tickets or sponsorship now by CLICKING HERE.



It’s been about 2 months since I broke my world apart and set off to build a new one. My advice to all of you is this: If you’re miserable, leave. If you don’t like the boat you’re in, poke holes in it & sink it to the bottom. The rest of the world awaits you.

Thanks so much for all of your generosity in giving to the Q Center by way of sales from my new record as well as non-musical donations made on my behalf over the past 6 weeks! It has been great to accomplish what I set out to do and I would not have been able to were it not for you!

I have seen all of your names on the list as the donations and album orders have come in and there is just no way you will ever know how much it has meant to me. I am deeply touched by your support on this new journey and am, quite frankly, in love with each and every one of your sweet faces!!!

This has been the greatest gift. Y’all really came through on this one, so…thank you. You’re a bunch of superheroes.



Last night everyone who came through the door at Red Cap Garage did their part to help keep the doors to the Portland Q Center open while they had their drinks and danced the night away. The lovely folks at Red Cap do a recurring event called “Red Cap Cares” where a charity of their choice gets 100% of the proceeds from the door. Last night the charity was my fundraiser for the Q Center and I honestly couldn’t feel more appreciative if I tried. It’s so nice to know that “Red Cap Cares” isn’t just a slogan to get people in the door. They actually really DO care.

Thanks so much, guys! I’ve said it elsewhere and I’ll say it again here: What you do for the community is really something. I’m really touched and Love Love LOVE Red Cap Garage.

So: Everybody go there, eat a burger, have some drinks…and know that you’re supporting a business that, in turn, is actually working to make a difference for good in the city around you.


The dear, sweet, beautiful boys at Red Cap Garage in Portland have offered to donate 100% of the door proceeds from this coming Saturday night’s cover to my fundraiser for the Portland Q Center! Cool, huh? I love it when local gay establishments actually give back to the community. Red Cap Garage & Boxxes make a habit of it. It makes me feel good about giving them my money.

This fundraiser has a little over a week left in it. Come to Red Cap Garage this Saturday and you will rest easy knowing that you have done your part. If you want to do even more for Q Center (and get my new record FREE as a result) click HERE.

See you Saturday! I’m so excited just to be going out for once!!! Not performing, not doing anything but hanging out with you. Come say hi, Portland! There will be drinks, dancing, and hot gay people. In the morning you can look in the mirror and at the stranger next to you and say “I did that for charity. Good for me!” no matter how the night turns out (or how the stranger may look in the sober daylight.)

Let’s make some money for the good guys!






























// EPs