Listen To Logan Lynn’s Upcoming Single “Hologram” (Featuring Father Tiger) Here First!

We leaked another track from my new record today. It’s called “Hologram” and was made with Los Angeles indie electro duo Father Tiger! We have a video for this one in the works as we speak and will be premiering it in January, so stay tuned!!!

Big thanks to Greg Delson, John Russell, and Gino Mari for all of your hard work on this one. Love Love LOVE you boys!

Have a listen to “Hologram” here:

Watch: Father Tiger’s Instagram Masterpiece (VIDEO)

(Originally Published on The Huffington Post on 8/20/2012)

I was recently introduced to Los Angeles-based electropop outfit Father Tiger by my friend/collaborator Jeffrey McHale, who directed both my “Bottom Your Way to the Top” video in 2009 and my “Quickly as We Pass” video in 2011, and who has now directed Father Tiger’s debut video, “Shell,” which just premiered this past week.

The video was made entirely with the photo app Instagram, and it is a real piece of genius. Jeff worked with artist John Parot (from Bravo’s Work of Art: The Search for the Next Great Artist), who also did the illustrations for our 2009 collaboration.

Watch Father Tiger‘s video for “Shell” below and be amazed:

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