Logan Lynn Featured All Over The Place On Accidental Bear This Week!

Thanks to the folks at Accidental Bear for featuring me on their site TWICE this week! First, watch their LGBTQ Week recap (with yours truly) here:

(Nevermind that he accidentally calls my song “Hooligan” instead of “Hologram”. Ha!)

Next, you can watch my new video and check out tons of stills on their site HERE or keep reading below for the transcript from their review:

“Oh Logan Lynn you did it again. Congrats. Portland’s out singer-songwriter is back with a new music video for his song ‘Hologram,’ off of his recently released album, Tramp Stamps and Birthmarks. Each scene of this video is a beautiful photograph that I’d gladly hang on my wall. Have you ever felt you were invisible to the world around you? ’Hologram’ explores one mans (sexy sexy man!) perception of his place in the world. ‘Hologram’ exclusively premiered at www.out.com earlier this week.”





// R+R CITY (2023)





// DISTRACTED (2023)





// NEW MONEY (2022)