Babysue LMNOP Gives Logan Lynn’s “ADIEU” 5 Stars, Names Album Top Pick of the Month


Thanks to the kids over at Babysue.com LMNOP for choosing ADIEU as their Top Pick for new releases next month in the August issue!

Check out what they had to say HERE, or just keep reading below.

From BABYSUE LMNOP: (August 2016)

Logan Lynn – Adieu (Independently released CD/Vinyl, Pop)
Recommended: TOP PICK. (5 Stars)

Logan Lynn - Adieu - Front Cover - Artwork by Ian Ophelan“Logan Lynn is an intelligent, motivated, multi-talented, unique fellow who has bitten off a huge chunk here. Any underground pop artist who releases an album that’s over an hour long is really taking chances. But in this case, the results are wonderfully entertaining and engaging. In other words, Adieu is a total…SUCCESS. This lengthy album features songs that are, admittedly, probably too smart for the average casual listener. But the delivery is so straightforward and genuine that you can’t help but enjoy yourself…even if the topics are sometimes heavy and intense. Although there are hundreds upon hundreds of possible reference points and influences in these tracks, in the end it’s difficult to come up with any specific comparison because Lynn seems to be driven by the pure motivation to create and express himself. Usually albums that delve into personal redemption and struggles are self-indulgent and tedious. That is not the case here. Logan writes songs that are ultimately catchy and friendly, and they make you want to immediately hear them again…and again. We like everything about this album. Great songs, great vocals, super intelligent lyrics, and arrangements that are a perfect fit for each track. This guy has really hit the bull’s eye here, at least for fans of underground pop. Folks into the phony processed cheese pop sound of the twenty-first century may be puzzled by this stuff because it’s not simple and easily digested. But folks who enjoy hearing music that exists on a multitude of levels will find themselves in…heaven. Killer tracks include ‘I Like It All The Time’, ‘I Am Like A Dog Now’, ‘Way Out’, and ‘Let’s Go Home’.”





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