Logan Lynn and Gino Mari on “Sounds of PDX” This Week with Vortex Music Magazine, Portland Radio Project and PDX Spotlight!


Thanks again to Portland Radio Project, Vortex Music Magazine and PDX Spotlight for having us on Sounds of PDX this week! Listen HERE or keep reading below.

From Portland Radio Project:

Recording artist Logan Lynn and producer Gino Mari dropped by the show this week to talk about their influences, songwriting process and new album. A large part of the PDX Spotlight playlist was from Logan’s latest release titled Adieu, but we also listened to Gino and Logan’s influences including Mitski, Whitey, Sam Phillips, The Dandy Warhols, and more. We talked about their production process, touring together, and the maturation of artists. Our listeners heard Logan open up about his mental health and history with addiction. Logan also shared a lot of great information about Keep Oregon Well and his approach to mental health self care. A common theme through the night was the importance of being congruent with your art and being honest with yourself.

A huge thank you to Logan Lynn and Gino Mari for spending the evening with me and sharing their stories! Please enjoy the podcast!

WATCH: Logan Lynn Interview and Performance on the December Episode of “PDX Spotlight” (VIDEO)


Our episode of PDX Spotlight premieres this Sunday and then plays for the next month on Comcast Cable TV and Xfinity Digital in Portland.

For those of you living outside of Portland (or inside Portland with no cable) you can watch the full show online, too. Go to www.PDXspotlight.com to make it happen, or click play below:

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Logan Lynn Featured as Top Story Today on Oregon Music News


Oh haaaaaayyyyy! Top story over at Oregon Music News today. Cute!

Click HERE to have a look-see at OMN online, or keep reading below to see what they had to say.

From Oregon Music News: (12/11/2016)

Logan Lynn: PDX Spotlight for December / full show video

He opens up about everything from drug and alcohol abuse to years of dealing with mental illness.

Logan Lynn isn’t hiding anything on his 8th studio release Adieu.

In this month’s episode of PDX Spotlight, Logan joins host Luke Neill and opens up about everything from drug and alcohol abuse to years of dealing with mental illness.   He shows the audience what it looks and sounds like to come out the other side of some pretty dark places.   The 4 songs Logan and his band perform from Adieu will likely entice you to rewind and listen again.

View the full episode here or at pdxspotlight.com





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