New Money review in The Portland Mercury

“New Money feels like a bedroom disco record steeped in lockdown-era dread — boasting downers turned uppers. Many tracks on the album, but especially the first two singles, harken back to the thirstiest months of sheltering in place. Whether contrarian or just comfortable with seeming contradiction, Lynn is an artist interested in turning ideas on their heads.”

  • The Portland Mercury (6/13/22)

“Portrait of Gay Glamour” – Logan Lynn Profile in The Portland Mercury This Week!

The Portland Mercury interviewed me for their annual Pride issue and published the story today.

Check it out here.

Hutch Harris of The Thermals Publishes Story About Logan Lynn’s Life and New Record This Week in the Portland Mercury


Portland pop punk royalty Hutch Harris of The Thermals wrote a piece called “Just Visiting: A Brief History of Logan Lynn” for this week’s issue of the Portland Mercury, out tomorrow.

It’s about my troubled youth, escape from the abusive church I was raised in, and subsequent journey into wellness and peace…oh, and my new record. Thanks so much for taking such a thoughtful approach to telling this story, Hutch.

You should all know that, like me, my mom and dad have done full 180s in their own lives in the years since some of this stuff happened. We love each other and are so close these days! The two of them turning into LGBTQ activists over the past decade is one of the happiest parts of this story’s happy ending. ❤️💛💚💙💜

Click HERE to read it over on the Portland Mercury website, or keep reading below for the transcript: Read the rest of this entry »





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