Logan Lynn and Jay Mohr’s “Nothing’s Ever Wrong” on QueerClick

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From QueerClick: (9/13/18)

Jay Mohr Goes Full Frontal For Logan Lynn’s Music Video!

Jay Mohr Goes Full Frontal For Logan Lynn's Music Video!

Saturday Night Live alum Jay Mohr became a shocker this week for appearing nude in a music video. Look at these stunning visuals here.

Mohr starred in a melancholy-filled music video for Logan Lynn‘s song “Nothing’s Ever Wrong” premiering via Self-Titled magazine’s website which was directed by Lynn himself. The piece has two versions, one with the butt exposure only and the NC-17 Director’s Cut which shows the same shower scene from the Rated-R version but this time, also exposing Jay Mohr’s flaccid peen.

Mohr and Lynn have been working together since last year which started when the latter became a guest on Mohr Stories, a podcast by Jay where he discussed his artistry and many other personal matters. They continued producing materials like “My Movie Star” featurette and the “Underground” short film which they both co-produced. Looks like both have inspired each other and their friendship has come a long way when it comes to artistic collaborations. “Nothing’s Ever Wrong” music video is another imagination visualized a=in a melancholic monochrome environment. Read the rest of this entry »





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