YouTube Has Blood On Its Hands And They Don’t Fucking Care

‪When I was a kid I felt I deserved to be mistreated because I was gay. This had a lot to do with me not seeing grown gay people standing up for themselves — and it wasn’t safe to.‬

‪So when you see me fighting now, it’s not about winning.‬

‪I’m reclaiming myself, and all the years.‬

After over a full year of this super intense, targeted harassment campaign against me by the since-banned Reddit trolls, every single tech company has intervened except for YouTube, which just this week let us know they will not be taking action to protect me on their platform.

The teams at YouTube have all the facts, covered extensively everywhere from People Magazine to gay blogs, to the official Reddit blog itself. This situation caused Reddit to change their entire harassment policy, yet YouTube would still rather get paid for the clicks than help. More on that setup HERE.

The safety team at Reddit, which had previously been the garbage fire of the internet, said it best in their post about why they intervened: “Ban evaders (and others up to no good) often work across platforms, and so it’s important for those of us in the industry to also share information when we spot these types of coordinated campaigns.”

Yet, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki and Google CEO Sundar Pichai’s teams at YouTube refuse to look at the big picture and have sided with the content creators (trolls) whose entire goal in mocking me for my past mental health struggles, discrediting my career, publishing lies about crimes I’ve never committed, and attempting to dangerously “out” people in my private life for being gay, is to drive me to suicide — something they have stated plainly throughout this process as their end goal in torturing me.

YouTube’s charming clickbait algorithm serves up these videos, intended to organize troll narratives and coordinate these attacks across platforms, while also allowing these troll YouTube creators to monetize the abuse, to anyone who watches my music videos or searches my name. None of it is true, and all of it is meant to diminish, intimidate, cyberstalk and harass me, as part of this larger targeted abuse campaign.

No one should have to endure what I have over the past 18 months since this latest wave of homophobic hate and attempts to destroy me, my career and my reputation, began. Wikipedia locked the Logan Lynn article down FOR THIS VERY REASON. Facebook jumped in to help and removed all of the fake profiles and instances where even these exact videos that YouTube refuses to remove were posted on their platform and on Instagram. Twitter Support jumped in and banned these users from harassing me or posting these videos on their platform, too.

It is ONLY YouTube who refuses to do anything about their piece of this mess, and it’s absolutely disgusting — especially in light of their recent announcements and the positive PR they’ve received for supposedly updating their harassment policies to also include public figures. The reality is, it’s all for show. They have no intention of actually making YouTube safer for anyone, because clicks are clicks and ad revenue is ad revenue.

To anyone who could possibly help me over at YouTube and Google: I am literally begging you to just be as decent as Reddit. That’s a VERY low bar, and one you should be trying to hit.

This right here is a twisted business model:

Removing a handful of comments encouraging me to commit suicide under the videos, but leaving the actual videos where the trolls are organizing and amplifying those exact narratives and comments as their larger online abuse strategy misses the mark of community safety completely.

The Logan Lynn Reddit page got banned and shut down because these YouTube users and their troll friends took it over — an exact directive from one of the many videos we have reported on YouTube over the past year, encouraging viewers to find me on other sites to bully and harass me.

As far as my team, attorney, and management is concerned, the careless, irresponsible Executive Team at YouTube is solely responsible for the torture at this point because you continue to protect and promote the abuse as “content”. This is ALL on you. What you’re doing is dangerous and wrong.

The only thing we have ever asked of YouTube is that they actually take a look at the larger context of this well-documented trolling and stop allowing the pieces that only YouTube can stop, just as Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, Wikipedia, Instagram and all other platforms have done.


National Council Interview with Logan Lynn About Music, Mental Health, and Portugal. The Man Out Today

The National Council interviewed me for a story they published today about music, mental health and this month’s Portugal. The Man tour. Read it over on the National Council blog HERE, or keep reading below for the transcript.

From the National Countil: (8/10/18)

Singing to a Different Tune: How Logan Lynn Breaks Stigma With Music

Logan Lynn sometimes has unspeakable thoughts.

The versatile artist, whose music career has spanned more than 20 years, will often experience moments when he can’t quite communicate what he’s thinking, how he feels or why he feels it. It’s can be a paralyzing and terrifying conundrum, and one that is far too familiar to the millions of people like him who experience depression.

“My depression feels, at times, so great that I can’t even find words to tell someone how I’m feeling … but my pen usually seems to still work,” said Lynn, who has lived experience managing depression, addiction and suicidal ideation. Read the rest of this entry »

Logan Lynn and Portugal. The Man Feature Story on Track Record Mexico

From Track Record MX: (7/13/18)

Portugal. The Man en defensa de la salud mental y “despertar conciencias

La banda estadounidense colaborará con la campaña Keep Oregon Well.

Luego de un año activo en el que Portugal. The Man ha estado de gira promocionando Woodstock, su más reciente álbum de estudio, la banda estadounidense ha decidido integrarse a Keep Oregon Well, campaña pública en defensa de la salud mental y “despertar conciencias” dirigida por Logan Lynn, músico conocido por su activismo social.

De acuerdo con un comunicado compartido por Billboard, el líder de Portugal. The Man, John Gourley, la inmersión en los temas de salud mental es parte de la banda: “la salud mental es un asunto personal para nosotros. Como músicos que viajamos constantemente, el cuidado propio puede romperse rápidamente en el camino”.

Portugal. The Man, el éxito mediático y Keep Oregon Well

La banda originaria de Portland, Oregon, consiguió el éxito mediático gracias a “Feel It Still”, sencillo principal de Woodstock, lanzado el año pasado, que superó sus expectativas y se convirtió en la canción número uno en 18 países a lo largo del 2017. En enero, la canción se llevó el Grammy por Mejor Dúo Pop e Interpretación Grupal.

Por su parte, la fundación Keep Oregon Well es un proyecto de la organización Mental Health Matters que busca ser un “movimiento social” diseñado para “reducir los estigmas” que existen en torno a la salud mental y el comportamiento, según su página oficial. Su propósito es “crear una comunidad informada sobre la existencia de traumas mentales y dar la oportunidad de aprender más sobre la salud mental y al mismo tiempo apoyar a aquellos que luchan por mantenerla”.

En 2014, Logan Lynn, que ha trabajado para bandas como The Dandy Warhols, fundó la campaña después de intentar suicidarse: “como un sobreviviente, sé lo importante que es no sentirse solo. Los estigmas existen porque gente nos ha hecho sentir que los retos mentales y de comportamiento son defectos personales y no lo ven como cualquier otra condición médica. Si te rompes el brazo mañana, ¿te sentirías avergonzado?”, señaló en el comunicado.

Después de pasar tiempo en rehabilitación por problemas de adicción al crack y el intento de suicidio, Lynn también ha dedicado su labor como músico a enfrentar la discriminación contra la comunidad LGBTTTI.

“No dejaré de hacer este trabajo hasta que la última parte de la vergüenza que hace que personas como yo no busquemos ayuda, se vaya”, expresa Lynn. Por su lado, Gourley señaló que la alianza con Keep Oregon Well pretende también inspirar a sus fans para apoyar a la causa, o bien, buscar ayuda si es que lo requieren.





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