Madison Montgomery’s Cover of Logan Lynn’s “You’re Mine Because I Love You” on the Radio

I just heard this major babe’s cover of my song You’re Mine Because I Love You on the radio in Portland!

If you haven’t already given Madison Montgomery’s track on “My Movie Star” a spin, it’s song 8 on side B and is out now on Vinyl, CD and Digital Download everywhere music is streamed and sold. 🎥🖤

Listen free on Bandcamp HERE or press play below:

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WATCH: Logan Lynn’s “Beside You” Music Video Here First

Today we released a video for Beside You, track 7 on My Movie Star.

The song, like the entire record, features my very talented collaborator GLASYS on keys and backing vocals and was produced by me and Jay Mohr, engineered by Mike Blackburn, mixed and mastered by Justin Phelps, and recorded at The Hallowed Halls in Portland.

New song, new face. Watch Beside You here first:

WATCH: Logan Lynn’s “This Time I Lost It All” (VIDEO)

It’s release week! My new record “My Movie Star” comes out this Friday (FINALLY!!!) I’m really excited for you to hear it. Those of you who pre-ordered will be receiving yours here shortly. Thank you so much!

Today we released a video for track 5 off of the album, “This Time I Lost It All”. It’s set to clips shot during the writing sessions for this record, as well as a bit I shot on the Grammy Awards red carpet with my kid brother.

Pick up your copy of “My Movie Star” on Deluxe Edition Double Vinyl, CD or Digital HERE.

Logan Lynn Interviewed About Music, Mental Health, LGBTQ Activism and Nudity in Hollywood on Mr. Man

New interview up today over on Mr. Man — the authority on celebrity male nudity. 😉

We talked about music, mental health, LGBTQ activism and my favorite naked dicks in film. N.S.F.W. (if that isn’t already obvious).

Click HERE to check it out online, or keep reading below for the full (frontal) transcript.

From Mr. Man: (9/25/18)


Mr. Man was thrilled to see Logan Lynn‘s music video Nothing’s Ever Wrong that opened up with wonderful full frontal nudity from Jay Mohr. We had the opportunity to talk to musician and creator Logan Lynn about that music video and his journey as a musician and LGBTQ activist. Read our exclusive interview below and make sure to watch his new music video.

MM: How did you get started as a musician? 

Logan Lynn: Well, I grew up in a super conservative evangelical environment where secular music and even instruments weren’t allowed, so I have always been really drawn to pop music and the idea of rock and roll from a very early age; as far back as I can remember. Read the rest of this entry »

Logan Lynn and Rian Lewis’ “Underground” Featured on Dragonframe Stop-Motion Software Blog

The good folks at Dragonframe interviewed “Underground” Director Adam Taylor this week about the making of the video, which was created using their stop-motion animation software.

Click HERE to check it out on Dragonframe, or keep reading below for the full transcript.

From Dragonframe: (9/11/18)


We caught up with director Adam Taylor recently to talk about his music video for Logan Lynn + Rian Lewis’s new song, “Underground.” According to Taylor, the tune is about the pitfalls one can encounter when following fortune and fame. The story is inspired by personal events and an important friend who helped him out of those trials.

“To launch Logan Lynn’s new album, My Movie Star,” he told us, “I felt the perfect backdrop would be the Golden Age of Hollywood with art nouveau inspired designs. Like usual, the concept proved more ambitious than it initially seemed and with just 6 weeks from start to finish, this was an exhilarating project.”

The piece features a stop motion puppet moving through a series of emotional lows, which he then climbs his way out of (literally at one point). Each of these moments is linked together by a scene of him falling down a kind of graphic spiral (think:f Hitchcock’s “Vertigo.”) This falling scene is always timed with the melancholy chorus that sings about falling down.

“When I finished with one set,” Taylor said, “it was immediately torn down to assemble the next one. Working fast like this is always very creative and honestly, the excitement is a bit addicting.

One thing that I learned is that rear projection takes a lot of space. Some of the sets were up to 12 feet wide and 26 feet deep including projection space and the screen,” something anyone but animators might take for granted.

“Having Dragonframe made this project possible,” he wrapped up. “It simplified the process and allowed me to run two units at once without worry (one for the projector and another for animating). It was great to get the majority of the film’s effects in camera and was well worth the extra effort.”

Behind the Scenes: Logan Lynn and Rian Lewis “Underground” Music Video – Stop Motion Animation by Adam Taylor (PHOTOS)

As you know, the pre-order for my new record went live this week and alongside it came the release of my new single, a collaboration with mega producer Rian Lewis (Gorillaz, Chromeo) called Underground. If you haven’t already, you can stream it FREE on Bandcamp HERE, Apple Music HERE, and Amazon Music HERE — and make it yours forever when you pre-order your copy of “My Movie Star”.

We will be releasing the Underground music video, a stop-motion animated short by Laika Studios-trained filmmaker and illustrator, Adam Taylor this July. Adam has been hard at work putting this thing together for months and I’m freaking out about how rad this vision turned out. Such a talented dude!

Premiere details coming soon! Here are some stills and behind-the-scenes photos from the Underground shoot to tide you over… Read the rest of this entry »

LOOK: Logan Lynn and Jay Mohr Featured in Magnet Magazine This Month (PHOTOS + VIDEO)


Big thanks to Magnet Magazine for featuring me and Jay Mohr in the current issue. They interviewed me about My Movie Star and what all we have cooking this year.

Read the online version HERE, or keep reading below for the full transcript.

From Magnet Magazine: (3/2/2018)



Maybe it’s just us, but when we think of musicians who are also writers, filmmakers, TV personalities, producers, mental-health advocates, LGBT activists and in recovery from drug/alcohol addiction, Logan Lynn is one of the first people to come to mind. Anyway, Lynn has a new LP coming out this fall called My Movie Star, and much like its creator, it’s many different things at once. The multimedia My Movie Star is part standard album, part covers/remix record and part short film. What makes things even more interesting is the involvement of another man who wears many hats: Jay Mohr. The actor, comedian, producer and Mohr Stories podcaster became indispensable in the making of My Movie Star.

“I met Jay a while back when I did his show, and we both felt this instant connection to one another—like we had been married for years or something,” laughs Lynn. “We started going on adventures together from there and have been pretty inseparable ever since. I fucking love that guy and have never had anyone believe in me the way he does. That belief morphed into an official role at some point in 2016, and his honest feedback became producer notes.”

The 10 songs on My Movie Star were penned by Lynn on the piano in his Portland, Ore., loft, and he streamed these initial writing sessions live via social media. He soon took the clips offline and sent them to Mohr, who had more than his fair share of insightful input to provide Lynn. Read the rest of this entry »






























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