Thank you for listening!

Thank you to everyone who has been watching the music videos and streaming the singles from my new album SOFTCORE — coming 6.7.24 on Kill Rock Stars. We still have 3 more songs and videos to release before the record hits in June, so stay tuned for more G A Y.

Last year at this time some dude was absolutely nuking my life. Feels so long ago and far away — and I couldn’t be happier now so, like…who cares? But at the time, my reaction was to go inward, work out compulsively, and make stuff. It all felt incredibly bleak and humiliating, the only thing I could think to do was create, collaborate, and eat bean and cheese burritos. I ate hundreds.

When the smoke cleared, a tall handsome man was standing in front of me. He scooped me up, became my friend, then my Creative Director and photographer, then oops we fell in love, and now we are engaged to be married. Life is fun and good.

Casey took this pic of me in the back room of some nightclub in Idaho on the day we wrapped the SOFTCORE film. I look proud here because I was. Proud and grateful. Still am.

Watch + Listen to the SOFTCORE singles and videos HERE and HERE! Pre-order / pre-save the record HERE. Appreciate you being here. Truly.

Bandcamp Friday is Back!

Bandcamp Friday is back tomorrow and Kill Rock Stars is having a sale.

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This includes my record, New Money, and my EP, Other People’s Money.

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