Logan Lynn’s “We Can’t Stop” Cover Now Available on iTunes Courtesy of RCA Records / Sony Entertainment Music

Logan Lynn by Aleksandr Peikrishvili (2013)

It’s been a couple of weeks since I released my cover of “We Can’t Stop” and shit has been crazy ever since (in a good way). The video has over 40,000 views as of this moment (exactly 2 weeks after it was uploaded) but every time I check that number grows, and it’s not just on the Miley cover – It’s ALL of my videos from over the years. Additionally, I suddenly have over 65,000 Twitter followers and over 13,000 Facebook fans, so…thank you Hannah Montana! Everything rules so hard right now.

The single is now available worldwide in the iTunes Music Store as well as Amazon and everywhere else music is sold online, courtesy of RCA Records / Sony Entertainment Music (Miley’s label!) Click HERE to get yours.

Good times, right??!

Thanks for all the love, friends. I can feel it!

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