Watch Logan Lynn’s New Video “Go There When You Want To Be Loved” Exclusively on Logo’s “NewNowNext” (VIDEO)

Logan Lynn on NewNowNext (2016)

Our new video “Go There When You Want To Be Loved” made its world premiere today on Logo TV’s “NewNowNext”.

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From NewNowNext: (8/22/2016)

Logan Lynn Conducts An Experiment In Unbridled Joy In ‘Go There When You Want To Be Loved’ – The out singer-songwriter’s new single doubles as a fundraiser for survivors of the Pulse nightclub tragedy.

Singer-songwriter Logan Lynn has released his new music video, “Go There When You Want to Be Loved,” a love song to queerness that doubles as a fundraiser for survivors of the Pulse nightclub tragedy.

The third single off his upcoming LP Adieu, “Loved” is about Lynn’s experience as a gay man in the world, “always looking for home, or to belong, but feeling other and apart from everything else somehow,” he tells NewNowNext. “It is about perceiving oneself as being alone.”

Lynn hopes “Loved” will serve as an antidote to the negativity and hate sent our way, “an experiment in pure, unbridled joy.”

“We had the single slated to release earlier, but when the Pulse Orlando shooting happened I felt so helpless and lost, so we decided to put the single out early and donate 100% of the proceeds to the families and survivors most directly affected by the trauma,” reveals Lynn, who is an advocate for mental health issues and has been open about his own struggle.

“My reaction to that feeling of helplessness at first was to cry a lot and then, almost immediately, to rally my networks. I was desperate to put my attention toward something positive in the face of all the traumatizing, around-the-clock media coverage, which is how the charity single was born.”

He calls the song a snapshot of his own journey through grief and depression. “I feel unburdened and free—and making this record played a big part in that.

Shot around Lynn’s hometown of Portland, Oregon, the video for “Go There When You Want to Be Loved” is a love letter to the Pacific Northwest music scene, says Lynn, “and a call for all people to celebrate who they are exactly as they are, no matter what that looks like.”

Logan Lynn’s eighth studio album, Adieu, is out on September 23.”


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