PRESS: 2009

Logan Lynn (2012)

December 2009

-Interview with “Out Magazine” as well as a feature story.
-Interview with “GT Magazine” (UK)
-Interview with “Gay Like You” Magazine (Peru)
-“Girls Sold Out” (UK) Interview/Story “The Holidays With Logan Lynn”
-Feature Story on “Nerdy Frames” (New Zealand)
-“FPTP Reviewed (SUPER POSITIVE) in “Edge Weekly” in the following cities: Boston, San Francisco, Miami, New York City, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Fire Island, Fort Lauderdale, Las Vegas, Orlando, Philadelphia, Providence, Provincetown, & Washington D.C. This ran in PRINT and ONLINE for the entire first week of December.

November 2009

-“FPTP” featured on “Indie Spotlight” on iTunes homepage for 2 weeks!
-“Bottom Your Way To The Top” Video premiers on MTV’s Logo Channel
(Nationwide, Millions of homes) — In heavy rotation for 2 weeks.
-“Bottom Your Way To The Top” Video featured on
-“Bottom Your Way To The Top” Video featured on Spike TV’s website
-“Bottom Your Way To The Top” Video featured on
-“FPTP” ++ Reviewed by “Oregon Music News”
-“FPTP” ++ Reviewed by “NW Music Blog”
-“FPTP” ++ Reviewed by “Just Out” Portland Newsweekly.
-“FPTP” ++ Reviewed by “Loveshack, Baby” (Chicago)
-Interview with “Truth Explosion” Magazine: “Demons & White Light Saved My Life”
-Interview with “Oregon Music News”
-Radio Interview/Online Listening Party with “The Stonewall Society” on
“Rainbow World Radio” (LGBT)
-Interview with “Pop Reviews Now”

October 2009

-“Under The Radar” Magazine recommends “FPTP” and features “Feed Me To The Wolves” on their site
-“Fazer Magazine” recommends “FPTP”
-“Write It On My Left Arm” Video & Logan Lynn CMJ show picked up by MTV “Iggy” and positively reviewed.
-“FPTP” ++ Reviewed by “Drunken Warewolf”
-“FPTP” ++ Reviewed by “Independent Clauses”
-“Bottom Your Way To The Top” featured on “TheSixtyOne”
-“Feed Me To The Wolves” played all month on “Kexp”, “OPB Music”, “Kink FM”

September 2009

-MTV’s “Logo” Channel premiers the “Write It On My Left Arm” video and puts it in heavy rotation for 4 weeks!!! A full month of being in millions of homes via TV!!!
-“Write It On My Left Arm” Video featured on
-“Write It On My Left Arm” Video featured on
-Featured on “32 ft/Second”
-“FPTP” ++ Reviewed by “Your Moment Of Zen”
-“FPTP” ++ Reviewed by “The Deli: Portland”
-“FPTP” ++ Reviewed by “Mic Control”
-Nominated for “Artist Of The Month” at “The Deli” Magazine
-LL commercials running on MTV’s Logo Channel during most sponsor breaks.

August 2009

-MTV Re-Airs Logan Lynn’s “NewNowNext” hosting episode
-Interview with “Q” Magazine (Australia)
-Willamette Week premiers the “Write It On My Left Arm” Video on “Local Cut”
-“Dancefloor Mayhem” Remix Contest/Promotion for LL: “Burning Your Glory”
-Featured on “”
-Featured on “Ginger Head Man” Fetish Sex Site dedicated to hot Red Heads.
-Featured on “Just Out” Portland Newsweekly website
-Featured on “Young Creature” (Chicago)
-“FPTP” ++ Reviewed by “The Pop Stereo”

July 2009

-Interview with “The Indie Music Database” (IMDB)
-Featured on “Just Out” website
-Featured on “The Pop Stereo”
-Featured on “Bearotic” blog for hairy bears
-“Melophobe” Magazine gives KILLER review of my show at Holocene
-“Portland Mercury” picks LL as their “Band Of The Week”

June 2009

-Interview with “Queerlife” NewsMagazine (South Africa)
-LL on the cover of “The Portland Mercury” for their Gay Pride issue
-“Just Out” Feature story on me in PRINT edition and ONLINE for Gay Pride
-“FPTP” ++ reviewed by “Knox Road” (NYC)

May 2009

-“USA Today” recommends “FPTP”.
-2006 version of “Burning Your Glory” licensed as theme song for TV series “Astoria Queens”
-Featured on “You Are The Music”

April 2009

-“URB Magazine” gives “FPTP” GLOWING review and calls LL “The Next Goldenboy Of Sensitive Electropop”.
-Interviewed on “Azltron” Electronic Music Blog
-Radio Interview with “Woof! Media” (San Francisco) “A Good Band Is Hard To Find”
-“FPTP” ++ reviewed by “Indie Update”
-“FPTP” ++ reviewed by “Think Pink Radio”
-“FPTP” ++ reviewed by “Zed = Zee”
-“FPTP” ++ reviewed by “Bomarr Blog”
-“FPTP” ++ reviewed by “Young Creature” (Chicago)
-“FPTP” ++ reviewed by “Circles of Concrete)
-“FPTP” ++ reviewed by “You Are Part Of My Evolution”
-“FPTP” ++ reviewed by “We Are Hunted”
-“FPTP” ++ reviewed by “Broken Electro + Indie Beats”
-“FPTP” ++ reviewed by “Danish Poet”
-“FPTP” ++ reviewed by “The World In A Paper Cup”

March 2009

-“FPTP” ++ reviewed by “Willamette Week” (Local Cut)
-“FPTP” ++ reviewed by “Azltron Electronic Music Blog”
-“FPTP” ++ reviewed by “Bored and Beats”
-“FPTP” ++ reviewed by “Indie Anen Show”
-“FPTP” ++ reviewed by “Danger! Danger!” (Finland)
-“FPTP” ++ reviewed by “Crappy Indie Music”
-“FPTP” ++ reviewed by “Audio Drums”
-“FPTP” ++ reviewed by “Boom Boom Chik”
-“FPTP” ++ reviewed by “Indie Pop Music”
-“FPTP” ++ reviewed by “Audio Muffin” (LA)
-“FPTP” ++ reviewed by “Indie Rock Café”
-“FPTP” ++ reviewed by “Sound Of Air”
-“FPTP” ++ reviewed by “How Marvelous”
-“FPTP” ++ reviewed by “The Culture Of Me” (NYC)
-“FPTP” ++ reviewed by “The Devil Has The Best Tuna” (UK)
-“FPTP” ++ reviewed by “Queerlife” (South Africa)
-Featured on “Willamette Week’s” Local Cut
-Courtney Love puts LL in her “top friends” on myspace for 2 weeks.
-Featured/Quoted in “Melbourne Community Voice” Magazine (Australia, LGBT)
-Featured on “Boston Band Crush”
-Featured on WK Radio
-“Bleed Him Out” used on Soundtrack to “Water Wings”





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