Quarantine Shows: Feed Me To The Wolves LIVE from Home

Playing that good, old-fashioned computer music tonight. No instruments here this evening, kids. It’s all programming, buttons, knobs and laptops — but this song gave me my career, so I respect the machines that made it. All love for the indie pop robots.


Quarantine Shows: If He Hollers LIVE from Home

Sunday night crybaby vibes, live from my home studio. This one’s an oldie that hasn’t been touched since my CMJ Showcase for Caroline Records / Emi at The Bowery Electric in New York City back in 2009. Feels like several lifetimes ago. 🔪

Quarantine Shows: You Win The War LIVE from Home

Tonight I brought the drum machines and computers out into the living room and set up on the coffee table for another round of lockdown quarantine tunes from home. The last time I played this was on stage at Musicfest NW in 2009.

R.I.P Old Portland.💀

Quarantine Shows: The Dotted Line LIVE From Home

This quarantine has me so bored I’ve started performing live shows in my studio for an audience of exactly one tiny puppy who isn’t that into it.

This is an old one from 2009 that I somehow remember how to play, so I figured I’d share it so you can all feel what it’s like to be my dog. 💋

“From Pillar To Post” Turns 10 This Year!

I can’t believe my major label disaster From Pillar To Post turns 10 this year!

Not the greatest time in my life, as anyone who was even remotely tuned in back then will recall, but this record — and the signing that came with it — definitely gave me hope and something to live for while I was in, and then fresh out of the rehab that finally took.

Lots of really great people believed in me right then and gave me so many opportunities to become someone I just ultimately didn’t want to become. Looking back now it feels hard to imagine that person navigating all that he was navigating without going nuts, so I cut him slack for some of the messier parts where he did.

Anyway, thank you to The Dandy Warhols, Logo, Pati DeVries and the team at Devious Planet, the team at NewNowNext, Carlos Cortes, Jeremy Sherrer, cars & trains, Jacob Portrait, Ryan Wines and the Beat The World Records Team, Sidney McCain at Caroline Records, all those goddamn suits at EMI Records, and everybody else who was in my court for that whole ride.

There are too many of you to name, and it’s taken me a full decade to even wrap my head around it all, but I know for sure that I love each and every one of you, and that experience will always be ours.


Summer Tour Special: Own Logan Lynn’s Entire Discography (2000-2013) For Just $50!

Logan Lynn by Corey Smith

Logan Lynn Complete Discography

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I Killed Tomorrow Yesterday (2010)
From Pillar To Post (2009)
Logan Lynn (2006)
GLEE (2000)

– E.P.s –
Dance Alone Remix E.P. (2013)
Turn Me Out Remix E.P. (2012)
Everything You Touch Turns To Gold Acoustic E.P. (2011)
Feed Me To The Wolves E.P. (2008)
Clean & Stupid E.P. (2007)

– Singles –
Do You Want Me Or Not? (2012)
Turn Me Out (2012)
Movies (2011)
The Last High – Dandy Warhols Cover (2010)

Note: All songs are in their original .WAV format. This is higher quality than CDs or any available MP3 on the market. This is exactly how these songs were intended to sound!

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Logan Lynn’s Out-of-Print “Clean & Stupid” E.P. From 2007 Re-Released This Week!

The “Clean & Stupid” E.P. is my long-lost 5 song demo which caught the attention of The Dandy Warhols in 2007 and led to a record deal with Caroline/EMI a few months later. Four of the tracks were remade for my 2009 major label release “From Pillar To Post”, but the title cut “Clean & Stupid” landed on the cutting room floor when that record was put out. We only made 50 CD copies of this demo and have, for years, thought it would never be found again. A couple weeks back I found this one copy on Ebay, bought it, and now it can be yours!


Happy downloading, friends! Click the album cover below to listen FREE and purchase.

1. Bleed Him Out (Demo)
2. Clean & Stupid (Demo)
3. You Win The War (Demo)
4. Alone Together (Demo)
5. Feed Me To The Wolves (Demo)

Logan Lynn: “Clean & Stupid”
Lyrics and Vocals: Logan Lynn
Programming: Carlos Cortes
Produced by Carlos Cortes
2007 Logan Lynn Music


This 18 song remix collection has brought my “From Pillar To Post” record from 2009 to new life! From dubstep to booty house to vintage disco to techno these cuts don’t let up. Featuring remixes by Styrofoam, Flufftronix, The Gentry, Boy In Static, Y-Tron, Strobe Party!, Daniel Cartier, Ariake Waveband, Odd Year, Naked Highway, Sound///Audio, Jimi Python, Very International Love, Bad Life + Gadgets, T Vicious, Supercorsa, Neapolitan Beard, and Digital Intruder. These tracks have only been available during the “From Pillar To Post” pre-release until now and this has 2 brand new tracks never before released!!!

Dance. Party. Time.
Get it, gurrrrrlz.


To get your copy from iTunes CLICK HERE.

To purchase from CD Baby, click the album cover below.

Logan Lynn: “Blood In The Water” (2011)


1. Feed Me To the Wolves (Flufftronix Remix)
2. Alone Together (Boy In Static Remix)
3. Write It On My Left Arm (Y-Tron Remix)
4. Bottom Your Way To The Top (The Gentry Remix)
5. Burning Your Glory (Strobe Party! Remix)
6. Bleed Him Out (Styrofoam Remix)
7. Feed Me To the Wolves (Daniel Cartier Remix)
8. Write It On My Left Arm (Ariake Waveband Remix)
9. If He Hollers (Odd Year Remix)
10. Bottom Your Way To The Top (Naked Highway Remix)
11. Feed Me To the Wolves (Sound///Audio Remix)
12. Burning Your Glory (Jimi Python Remix)
13. Bottom Your Way To the Top (Very International Love Remix)
14. Write It On My Left Arm (Bad Life + Gadgets Remix)
15. Burning Your Glory (T Vicious Remix)
16. Feed Me To the Wolves (Supercorsa Remix)
17. Bottom Your Way To the Top (Neapolitan Beard Remix)
18. The Dotted Line (Digital Intruder Remix)


The reaction to my new record in the press has been really great so far. Lots of love from Europe again this time around! The latest installment is an interview I did with German Queer music and politics blog CATCH FIRE! They went live with it today alongside a free MP3 download of “Smoke Rings” (song 2 on “I Killed Tomorrow Yesterday“). You can read it via their site HERE or just keep reading below for the full transcript.

From CATCH FIRE: (11/2/2010)

After going on US tour this summer, Logan Lynn, the winner of last year’s Queer Video Music Award, has announced in August that he would be taking an extended break from the music industry and leave “Beat The World Records”, a label founded and led by the Dandy Warhols. Instead he released his fourth record “I Killed Tomorrow Yesterday”, the follow-up to “From Pillar To Post” independently in August, donating 100% of his profits to Portland’s Q Center where he is currently working. What led the songwriter to all these decisions and how they influenced his life he explains in an interview I did with him via email during the last two weeks. I also posted “Smoke Rings”, another track from “I Killed Tomorrow Yesterday” right below this introduction – the track is the perfect background music for the following text. A second free song from the album called “Things Are Looking Up” can be found in one of October’s Music Tickers.


Catch Fire:
What interests me first of all is the question if you’d consider your new album “I Killed Tomorrow Yesterday” a “conceptual album”. To me especially compared to the stuff you’ve done before it seems very consistent, as if the decision to do this kind of eighties-pop-influenced dance music may have been a very concious decision.

Logan Lynn: Yes, both the producer Bryan Cecil and I wanted to make a dance record. We had worked together on my cover of “The Last High” by The Dandy Warhols from January of this year. The idea of doing some vintage disco dancepop take on that song was deliberate and we wrote “I Killed Tomorrow Yesterday” at the same time so we were already planted in 80’s dance party mode. Obviously I’m a child of the 80’s and 90’s and that comes out in what I listen to and what I create. Bryan wanted it to be authentic, like a time machine and I wanted it to sound like what I grew up imagining my records would sound like someday.

We ended up doing exactly that so it seemed like a perfect time to step away for awhile. The record is about me being totally disillusioned and leaving. Not sure if life imitated art or vice versa…but I’m much, MUCH happier ever since I did the whole career suicide bit in August. The overall concept was to have a big, spectacular going away party. “Fall Into New Arms” was chosen as the last track just in case it was literally the last song I ever put out. I’m not saying that it will be…but I could live with that.

Catch Fire: What exactly does “career suicide“ mean? What happend in August?

Logan Lynn: I spent the last 3 years signed to The Dandy Warhols owned and operated “Beat The World” records label and it ended up Read the rest of this entry »


NYC music blog Boom Boom Chick reviewed my new record “I Killed Tomorrow Yesterday” today. They dig it. You can read what they had to say HERE or just keep reading below…

“Portland’s finest indie-electronic musician, Logan Lynn, is back with a new record. ‘I Killed Tomorrow Yesterday‘ was produced by Bryan Cecil and is much darker than his previous release, ‘From Pillar to Post‘. That, and it sounds as if it were sent here straight from 1985. The synthpop sound suits Lynn’s voice and the subject matter (which deals with alienation and disillusionment) well. ‘Velocity’ could have been straight off of one of my mother’s 1980s Latin freestyle records and is the album’s definitive dance record; other standouts include ‘Tennis Whites’, ‘Quickly As We Pass’, and ‘Fly Me Through’, which wins the award for best chorus: ‘So get on board or / Shut your fucking mouth / You just shut your fucking mouth / Shut your fucking mouth’.

Currently, 100% of proceeds from ‘I Killed Tomorrow Yesterday’ go to charity so we encourage you to purchase it by clicking HERE. Physical copies will be made available on December 28th, 2010.”

Nice one, huh? Bryan Cecil came in a time machine from the past to produce this evil dance record for me. It’s real, people. He’s the devil himself.


Hey everybody. As I near the 10 year anniversary of my debut record, “GLEE” (which was originally released in October of 2000) I’ve been thinking a lot about all the years from there to here. I have come to some conclusions not only about the journey I’ve been on since then musically and in my personal life, but also the journey I intend to be on moving forward with both.

One thing that is painfully clear to me and everyone who knows me in real life is that I AM MISERABLE. I have been for some time. I’m sick of being broke, mismanaged, overworked, screwed over by the folks who are supposed to be looking out for me…you know, all the hits. Ever since I overcame my paralyzing stage fright, playing shows has been great and I’ve had a wonderful time on tour this Summer with The Gentry but the abnormalities that come along with being a working musician in the digital era without the proper, traditional support of a label are too much for me to just keep absorbing. I can’t be gone all the time like this. I don’t want to spend my life on the road with strangers in bars and hotel rooms. It’s not healthy. I’m homesick for a home that does not exist because I have been too busy to create it for myself, no other reason. I need something real in my life. I can no longer pretend that things are going to suddenly feel better like magic when I know that they are not. These things I’m putting all my energy into obtaining are not making me happy. They are not ever going to because fame and money and attention is not what I want anymore. It’s time that I take control of my own happiness, something I have been dreading and avoiding for years now because of the terrible consequences and pressures attached to doing so. I am finally brave enough and there is just no stopping me. My humanity is in need of repair. These are someone else’s dreams I’m killing myself to fulfill. It is time for me to chase the light to happiness, not acceptance by the masses.

I am going to take some time completely off far away from the business of being myself professionally, then we’ll see where life has led me. These final shows next month with The Gentry in Salem, on August 6th & in Portland on the 20th are going to be the last shows I play for at least a year or two so I hope you can make it. They are going to be very special nights. Please, PLEASE come to the final show at Mississippi Studios on Friday, August 20th and wish me farewell on my new journey.

I don’t know what I am going to be doing from here but I fulfilled my contract with Beat The World (so I know what I’m not going to be doing, which is a very clear start…or finish, as it were). I am Free, an unsigned independent artist once again, not bound to any contracts, people or associations. I find myself in a moment where I can do one of two things; and I gotta choose the peaceful road, you guys. Think I’m gonna go help people for awhile, do something that actually matters—that isn’t so self-serving and based in phony, superficial publicity opportunities. I am leaving the door open for me to change my mind later on so I’m not saying I’m done forever by any means but it honestly does feel that way at the moment. I just finished that new record with Bryan Cecil and have been leaking the demos all week, freeing myself of the rules and regulations that come with being a brand instead of just some stoner dude who makes funny sounding synthpop songs about death and darkness on his keyboard. If another label comes along and picks me up to release it I’d Read the rest of this entry »


My Summer tour with The Gentry is the feature story on NW Music Blog today! They had some super nice stuff to say about me, our recent shows in the Pacific Northwest, The Gentry, and the rest of our tour (which we are just about 6 weeks into) with almost exactly that many weeks left!

Check out what they had to say HERE or keep reading below. It’s super nice. Awwwww………..

From NW Music Blog: (July 1st, 2010)

“Logan Lynn is touring in support of his recently released and critically acclaimed CD, From Pillar to Post, on The Dandy Warhol’s indie Beat The World Records. His three CDs have generated an extraordinary amount of buzz, particularly in the Portland, San Francisco, Seattle, San Diego, and New York LGBT communities. Additionally, his videos have been well received on MTV, VH1, and LOGO channels. Comparisons ranging from The Postal Service to M83, Lykke Li to Cut Copy, and even Ladytron, Goldfrapp, and indie rockers Metric, are often applied to Logan’s music.

The Gentry, a separate entity providing Rock & Roll to Logan’s emo-tronic sound, also have a new record recently released entitled ‘Sex by the Unit’, which sports an awesome condom-like package which is well worth the $10 I paid for mine. You even have to tear it like a condom package.

Recent shows in the Pacific Northwest have been raucous parties, featuring lines stretching around the block, and satisfied partied-out party-goers filtering out into the early morning. The Oregon Music News recently profiled Logan’s growing impact on Read the rest of this entry »






























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