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Etch This Shit On My Tombstone.

This quote in People Magazine is the best thing I have ever said. 🌈💀

“It’s been my experience that nothing triggers this type of toxic masculinity culture more than a gay man who isn’t afraid, and I can’t think of anything I am less afraid of than a bunch of fragile dudes who can’t deal with my existence.”

Logan Lynn Opens Up About Online Abuse and Harassment in People Magazine This Week

“It’s been my experience that nothing triggers this type of toxic masculinity culture more than a gay man who isn’t afraid,” Lynn says, “and I can’t think of anything I am less afraid of than a bunch of fragile dudes who can’t deal with my existence.”

Read the full story in People Magazine HERE, or click on the screenshot below.

…and here’s some backstory:

Back when all of this super intense homophobic trolling started up again a few months ago, it was worse than ever before. Since my time on TV back in the early days of Logo I’ve been a target of this disturbing trash, but I’ve always found ways of using it as a motivator, and it has fueled my queer activism.

A lot of it has turned scarier than usual since the last election when I put out that Satanic puppet video where I put Donald Trump in jail (where he belongs), but this past January I finally made a deal with myself (and my mom) that I was just never going to look at what poison strangers are saying about me ever again — not even for the sake of comedy or advocacy — and I haven’t.

Anyone who follows me has watched me spend years taking screenshots and mocking the truly endless hate I get as a punchline, but I’m fucking tired and homophobia has completely lost its charm. Even with a team of people working with me on managing it all, the bigotry is still painful, and the content of the trolling is so twisted and personally triggering, it can be really hard to find a punchline.

Whether you are a 24 year old comic in Portland attempting to make a name for yourself by publicly dragging mine through the mud, or you don’t like someone famous that I’m connected to, or you are an Evangelical murderer who wants to burn my house down because you hate gay people, or you are one of the 26,000 MAGA dudes who listen to the Opie and Anthony Radio show and insist on creating and distributing violent memes about me, or you are just mad because you think my songs suck, I really, truly have stopped caring. I literally CAN’T care, and haven’t cared for some time.

This is what wellness looks like in 2019: Blocking your own name on the internet. Read the rest of this entry »

Portugal. The Man and Logan Lynn Interview About Music and Mental Health on KOIN 6 CBS News

Thanks to KOIN 6 CBS News for taking the time to chat with us about what we’re all up to at these Portugal. The Man shows this summer! Click HERE to check it out on KOIN or keep reading below for the full transcript and video segment.

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Grammy winners and Portland’s own Portugal. The Man are helping to bring mental health awareness to the forefront at some of their concerts — including their recent sold-out shows at Edgefield.

Portugal. The Man hit it big with their song “Feel It Still,” and they’re using their popularity to do more than just entertain the masses.

“Mental health is just a subject that’s very close to us personally,” Zach Carothers, the band’s bassist, said.

KOIN 6 News met up with Carothers and keyboard player Kyle O’Quin before their Edgefield concerts on Aug. 24 and 25 to talk about a new campaign featured at their Oregon shows.

Concertgoers will see the “Keep Oregon Well” vans and volunteers at their performances — talking about mental health.

“There’s always kind of been a shame about it where you’re sad or not good on the inside,” Carothers said. “And that’s just recently coming out that that’s absolutely ridiculous. People need to take care of themselves.”

“Keep Oregon Well” was co-founded by fellow Portland-based musician Logan Lynn. It’s designed to reduce stigma surrounding mental and behavioral health.

“I think the more people who stand up and say, ‘This is my truth. I’m just like you, you’re not alone,’ that chips away at stigma each time,” Lynn said.

Lynn has been working with well-known musicians for years to give people access to mental health help through concerts.

He said, “I thought about, what would I have needed when I was 7 or 12 and struggling. It wasn’t listening to the adults in my life. It wasn’t listening to folks that could have guided me into services, but I was listening to Debbie Gibson and Paula Abdul, Milli Vanilli.”

This is the first time “Keep Oregon Well” has toured with a band. Portugal. The Man has two more Oregon shows this week — one in Jacksonville on Thursday and the final one Friday in Bend.

Portugal. The Man said Lynn’s mission is a perfect fit for them.

“Have you ever met this guy? Logan is great,” Carothers said.

O’Quin added, “He’s great because he’s open about talking about things and that’s what we’re trying to do.”

WATCH: Logan Lynn’s New “Keep Oregon Well” TV PSA About Fighting the Stigma of Mental Illness (VIDEO)


Big thanks to KGW-TV talents Laural Porter, Joe Donlon, Brenda Braxton and Tracy Barry, as well as Trillium President & CEO Kim Scott and talk radio personality Lars Larson for starring in this first TV spot with me for my Keep Oregon Well campaign with Trillium, which premieres next week during the Olympics!

Watch it here:

Stay tuned for our next PSA, starring Sheila Hamilton (Kink.fm), C.J. McCollum (Portland Trail Blazers), Stephanie Stricklen (KGW) and more.

Join our movement now at www.KeepOregonWell.com

Watch Logan Lynn Try To Internet: Week 2 (VIDEO)


Week 2 of daily video blogs seems to have gone a bit better than last week‘s, although: Had I thought that weird 15 second clip of me talking about mental health and AFV last week would reach over a million people, I might have used a tripod. 😉

Here are the highlights from week 2, friends: (click images below to start and stop videos)

SUNSHINE. #LoganLynn #PDXmusic #PortlandWinter #Portland #Sunshine #TerrariumLife

A video posted by Logan Lynn (@loganlynnofficial) on

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Logan Lynn’s “We Will Overcome” Video Gets 10,000 Views In Its First Week! Watch It Here Now.


Thanks to everyone who has been watching, liking, commenting on and sharing my new video, “We Will Overcome”, since its release! It has over 10,000 views and still counting — and we’re just a week in.

Thanks again to Vortex Music Magazine for premiering the video on their site. You guys are awesome!

Watch the video here:

Logan Lynn Featured Mixtape on Warmer Climes (Romania) This Week

Logan Lynn by Adrian Sotomayor (2014)

Blowing up Bucharest this week and joining the Warmer Climes family alongside Iggy Azalea, Gotye, The Cinematic Orchestra, Digitalism, Kimbra and soooo many others!

Check out my mixtape for Warmer Climes Romania HERE or click on the cover below. Songs by Sylvan Esso, innocence mission, CHROMATICS, Austra, Painted Palms and more.


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