Logan Lynn Opens Up About Online Abuse and Harassment in People Magazine This Week

“It’s been my experience that nothing triggers this type of toxic masculinity culture more than a gay man who isn’t afraid,” Lynn says, “and I can’t think of anything I am less afraid of than a bunch of fragile dudes who can’t deal with my existence.”

Read the full story in People Magazine HERE, or click on the screenshot below.

…and here’s some backstory:

Back when all of this super intense homophobic trolling started up again a few months ago, it was worse than ever before. Since my time on TV back in the early days of Logo I’ve been a target of this disturbing trash, but I’ve always found ways of using it as a motivator, and it has fueled my queer activism.

A lot of it has turned scarier than usual since the last election when I put out that Satanic puppet video where I put Donald Trump in jail (where he belongs), but this past January I finally made a deal with myself (and my mom) that I was just never going to look at what poison strangers are saying about me ever again — not even for the sake of comedy or advocacy — and I haven’t.

Anyone who follows me has watched me spend years taking screenshots and mocking the truly endless hate I get as a punchline, but I’m fucking tired and homophobia has completely lost its charm. Even with a team of people working with me on managing it all, the bigotry is still painful, and the content of the trolling is so twisted and personally triggering, it can be really hard to find a punchline.

Whether you are a 24 year old comic in Portland attempting to make a name for yourself by publicly dragging mine through the mud, or you don’t like someone famous that I’m connected to, or you are an Evangelical murderer who wants to burn my house down because you hate gay people, or you are one of the 26,000 MAGA dudes who listen to the Opie and Anthony Radio show and insist on creating and distributing violent memes about me, or you are just mad because you think my songs suck, I really, truly have stopped caring. I literally CAN’T care, and haven’t cared for some time.

This is what wellness looks like in 2019: Blocking your own name on the internet.

So we made it official and my team took over my public accounts (I still write the content for my website and social posts, but other people shield me from the rest). They had me turn off all of my Google alerts, and we stopped doing ALL Facebook and Instagram ads (thus killing traffic on those public pages, which has really sucked for business, but whatever! It worked for peace of mind.)

There is surprisingly nothing I can do legally because apparently I’m just low-level famous enough to have lost all of my privacy rights, and the press is afraid to touch this shit because no one wants to be the target of this trolling group’s next attack, so my team has just been collecting a mountain of evidence, we continue to send everything to the FBI, and I continue to look all the way away and plug my ears if I see my face or name pop up.

I believe there will come a time when the laws about this stuff change for public figures and private citizens, and the multimillion dollar corporations that profit from Reddit’s Wild West policies allowing this type of digital bullying (and actual widespread fake news) to go unpoliced, will be held accountable. (This is the same company that owns Vogue, Pitchfork, and several other prestigious media outlets, for Christ’s sake.)

And when that time comes, dearest corporate overlord darlings, I’ll be right here waiting. You can just put the money right into the Gucci bag, tech nerds. 💰

In the meantime, in addition to everything that’s been happening to Amy Schumer, or with Elizabeth Warren and other politicians by way of dangerous, false content on this platform, here’s a fascinating story about how this same exact Opie and Anthony subReddit group has been working to systematically destroy a comedian’s reputation like this recently, too. I’m apparently in a really weird club now! 🤷‍♂️

We did finally receive a response from an official Reddit admin — the only one of its kind — after months of reporting over 3,000 individual posts of targeted harassment, implied violence, outright threats of violence, homophobic hate, mountains of false statements, and personal misinformation on their site alone. They were just letting us know that, unlike at Wikipedia and Twitter, whose safety teams jumped in immediately to manage their portion of this mess, no action has or will be taken by Reddit to step in or help whatsoever. No contact has been made except to have their lawyers attempt to kill this story about the abuse that I was interviewed for at People Magazine and to send us 3 sentences about why they won’t remove any user-generated content on their platform without a court order, in response to a reported post where someone had photoshopped my face into graphic pornography and linked me to the debunked Pizzagate scandal.


From People Magazine: (3/23/19)

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