Been a couple weeks since things went topsy-turvy around here.

One very cool thing about being 15 years into recovery is that best laid plans (and I guess sometimes even super important relationships) can fall apart without me also falling apart, relapsing, or otherwise spinning out somehow. My main takeaway from all of this has been that I am solid as hell. Pretty neat! Therapy is good. 🖤

I’ve spent these past two weeks recalibrating and working with my team to re-cut the Distracted film, re-write the PR stuff, and re-distribute the creative assets for the EP release so it can all be more aligned with the realities of this new world. Gonna leave everything that has already come out as-is, but we have completely re-made the rest.

Thank you to the film team, my publicist, and everybody at the label for helping me pull this off so beautifully. I’ve never done this before where I try and turn the plane around midair. It has felt really hard and sad but also like it was the right thing to do — just out of respect for myself, and for these songs.

Permission to grieve.
Permission to cringe.
Permission to change.
Permission to laugh.
Permission to let go.
Permission to love.
Permission to love.
Permission to love.

The irony of my relationship ending the day that fuckin’ song was released is not lost on me.

I’m very sad and in shock but please stream it so I can also be successful?

▶️ pocp.co/i-got-a-man

🎥 youtu.be/qrIiqGVnan4

End of an era…

After I left Hollywood and ended my last relationship with you-know-who I decided to take some time to be completely alone and figure out what was actually going on in my life.

I promised myself at that point that the next person I let in close, kissed, slept with, or explored any sort of relationship with, would be someone I had first taken the proper time to get to know, like, trust, and genuinely care for — and I have kept that promise in the half a decade since.

Anyway, I’ve had a good solo run and have learned a ton about what (and who) I want and what (and who) I don’t want, but I’m back on men now.

Kind, dog-loving men who like naps and sandwiches and have long since deleted their Grindr accounts: Ask me out.💋

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