Get Fucked, Logan Lynn!

My new record for Kill Rock Stars has received a ton of great reviews, which is cool — but some of you really hate this album so we made a poster for you, too. 💋


Logan Lynn Featured in Bay Area Reporter’s “More Queers For Your Ears” Alongside John Grant, Troye Sivan and More

Thanks to the Bay Area Reporter for including me and my new record alongside John Grant, Troye Sivan and others in this “More Queers For Your Ears” feature in the current issue.

I’m in such good company! Click the screenshot below to read the whole thing.


Logan Lynn’s New Record ADIEU Reviewed in March 2017 Print Issue of GHETTOBLASTER Magazine

Logan Lynn at The Standard DTLA (2017) copy

Thanks to GHETTOBLASTER Magazine for the 4/5 star review of my new record ADIEU in their March 2017 print issue!

Check it out:

Logan Lynn ADIEU Review in Ghettoblaster Magazine (2017)

Logan Lynn’s ADIEU Reviewed in February 2017 Issue of Germany’s OXfanzine Music Mag


Thanks to Germany’s OxFanzine for reviewing my new record ADIEU in February’s print edition of the magazine!

Click HERE to check out OX online, or read the review below.  I don’t speak German but if you do, ENJOY!


Logan Lynn’s “ADIEU” Reviewed in the February 2017 Issue of Disarm Magazine

Logan Lynn's ADIEU on 150 gram red double vinyl album (2017 Disarm Magazine)

Disarm Magazine picked my new record ADIEU as one of the 10 “Best Albums of 2016” just days ago and now they have published the most exquisite, long-form review in this month’s issue!

I am so touched that they took the time to really listen to our record the way they so clearly did. What a review!

Click HERE to read it on Disarm Magazine’s website, or keep reading below.

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Logan Lynn’s “ADIEU” Reviewed by French Music Site Froggy’s Delight


France has spoken! 🙂

Read what Froggy’s Delight had to say about my new record this month HERE, or just keep reading below for the transcript…in French, of course!

From Froggy’s Delight: (December 2016)

Logan Lynn – ADIEU.

“Logan Lynn n’est pas un petit nouveau, cet album est son huitième disque. Avec adieu., il se met à nu, assume ce qu’il est, un homme qui a vécu des addictions diverses et essayé plusieurs fois de mettre fin à sa vie. Une vie faite de doutes, une vie que l’on ne choisit pas forcément mais qu’il faut pouvoir assumer. Ce qu’il n’a jamais vraiment su faire. Il se découvre homosexuel pendant son adolescence, il est interné pour devenir “normal”. Bref, une storytelling longue comme sa vie de 37 ans.

C’est toujours difficile d’assumer ce que l’on est quand on est différent dans une société qui formate les gens à vivre sur les principes hommes / femmes. Dès la naissance, il y a une distinction faite : les garçons en bleu, les filles en rose. Il est toujours difficile d’assumer qui on est, peur de décevoir ses proches, peur de se retrouver seul… On peut tomber facilement dans l’alcool, la drogue, la dépression et parfois attenter à sa vie. Son parcours résonne en moi, j’arrive à m’identifier clairement à certains passages de sa vie tourmentée et mouvementée.

En revanche, heureusement pour moi, j’ai des parents compréhensifs avec le temps, une sœur aimante et des amis solides qui ont toujours été là quand j’ai eu besoin d’eux. Ça reste tout de même difficile d’assumer qui l’on est mais à mon travail je n’ai pas peur de dire qui je suis, si on me pose la question et si ça gêne, libre à l’autre de ne pas me parler tant que je n’entends pas de propos homophobes à mon égard et envers les autres. Read the rest of this entry »

Logan Lynn Interviewed in October 2016 Issue of Innocent Words Music Magazine – “Logan Lynn: Modern Day Gene Kelly”

Logan Lynn ADIEU (2016)

Oh hi there, Innocent Words Music Magazine. You’re cute. 🙂

New interview and review in the October issue. Click the cover below to check it out on the Innocent Words site, or keep reading below for the transcript.


From Innocent Words Magazine: (October 2016 Issue)

Logan Lynn: Modern Day Gene Kelly

by John B. Moore

It’s been four years since Portland’s Logan Lynn last put out a full length. And despite coming out with a wildly popular Miley Cyrus cover in 2013, his latest record is aligned much closer to ’90s college radio rock and classic theatrical rock (think more Queen and less Yes), than a contemporary party album.

“I think strong ’90s college rock vibes are probably there by way of the strong ‘90s college rock vibes I loved and was raised on, and then intentionally nodding to on ‘ADIEU,’” says Lynn, referring to the new LP. “But I think Gino (Mari, his collaborator/producer) and I both had pretty serious musical theater vibes happening as a constant throughout. There are moments on this record that feel really jaunty and bratty and as we were recording them I tried to keep this mental image of myself with a dancing cane, clicking my heels in the rain and moving through these very serious themes with a spring in my step, front and center. The whole thing is very jazz hands mental health crisis, frankly.” Read the rest of this entry »

Logan Lynn’s “Tramp Stamps and Birthmarks” Video Premier Today on The Huffington Post

Tramp Stamps and Birthmarks Video (2013) Logan Lynn Music

Big thanks to The Huffington Post for premiering my new video “Tramp Stamps and Birthmarks” today! Watch the video and read the mini-interview I gave them HERE or by clicking the screenshot of the HuffPost Gay Voices homepage today just below!

Logan Lynn on The Huffington Post

From “The Huffington Post”: (10/31/2013)

“Logan Lynn is Back With a Spooky New Electropop Single”

Openly gay singer Logan Lynn is back with the fourth and final single from his new album “Tramp Stamps And Birthmarks.”

The electropopper’s latest single, the title track off the album, precedes a planned 12-month in-studio stint in which he will already begin work on his next album.

“The song is about power, control, and the people ‘in charge’ who call the shots and oppress us throughout our lives,” said Lynn in a statement, “whether that’s in relationships, or just in general by way of our rank and positioning in the world. I have been caged and shackled to my experiences in the world over the years, and I am in an ongoing process to free myself. We set out to make a scary, psycho-sexual nightmare about that experience. On the surface, it’s about a man who drugs and kidnaps me, ties me up in an RV that is completely lined with black trash bags, drives me into the middle of the woods and puts me in a cage. You know… Happy Halloween!”

Logan Lynn Featured In Mondo Sonoro Magazine (Spain) This Week


Lots of love from overseas lately!  After profiling my upcoming summer tour this past March, I’m once again in print next month in Mondo Sonoro Magazine (the Rolling Stone of Spain) and Fantastic Plastic Magazine (also from Spain). This past week Mondo Sonoro also started giving away my new Remix E.P. “Dance Alone” free on their website, which you can check out HERE.

Looks like we’ll be coming across the pond soon at this rate.



Free Download – New Logan Lynn Song The Ghost of Someone Else at Sugarbang.com

Los Angeles entertainment and pop culture site Sugarbang.com is giving away my song The Ghost of Someone Else (track 3 off my new record, Tramp Stamps and Birthmarks) FREE with their review of the album. Click HERE to read it and download the goods for zero dollars!

P.S. – They dig it. I also made it onto their weekly mixtape. Click HERE for that!

“Turn Me Out” Featured & Reviewed by Just Out News Magazine Today!

Nice featured story and review of my new single “Turn Me Out” over in Just Out’s Arts & Culture section today. Read the full post (and see the accompanying dirty pictures) HERE.

“The happy pop synth of “Turn Me Out” contrasts nicely with the darker places Lynn has been both musically and personally and bodes well for a pop breakout.
-Alley Hector, Just Out






























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