Logan Lynn Interviewed In The July Issue Of Spain’s Fantastic Plastic Mag! Read The English Version Here.

Logan Lynn Fantastic Plastic Mag

The July issue of Fantastic Plastic Magazine (from Spain) features me in their branded “Fast Date” interview section. It’s like speed dating, but in print!


Click HERE or on the FantasticPlasticMag logo below to read the original.

Fantastic Plastic Mag

…and here’s the original English version for those of you who don’t speak Spanish:

Fantastic Plastic Magazine: This is a fast date. Describe yourself using only three words.

Logan Lynn: Tall, Shy, Ginger.

FPM: Describe your music using only three words too.

LL: Dirty, Sweaty, Truth.

FPM: If you could make the whole world listen to one single album?

LL: My new record, “Tramp Stamps and Birthmarks”.

FPM: The last album you bought that moved you?

LL: My dear friend Ruth Radelet’s band Chromatics – “Kill For Love”

FPM: The next release you’re more excited about?

LL: I’m really into Whitey. I’m excited to see what dude does next.

FPM: The music you always take with you when you travel by car…

LL: The Innocence Mission, The Sundays, Liz Phair – I love me some ladies on the road.

FPM: Is there an album from your greatest idol that you truly dislike but that you always defend ’cause you’re so loyal?

LL: I never defend bullshit, so…even if I worship you: If it stinks, it stinks.

FPM: Which social network do you not understand and you’ll never sign up to?

LL: I don’t like the idea of GPS integration. You can know where I had lunch if you must, but not while I am having it.

FPM: The first poster you put on your room’s wall was…

LL: I joined the “Kids, Incorporated” fan club when I was little and they sent me a signed poster of Martika. God, I wish I still had that. Martika forever!

FPM: Which festival or gig are you ashamed of have missed?

LL: I don’t do large crowds unless I’m on stage, so…I’ve missed most of them…intentionally. As a rule, I try not to do things I will later have to be ashamed of.

FPM: The weirdest thing that has happened to you at one of your gigs was…

LL: We played Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco a few years ago to a crowd of over 400,000 people and there were these two guys jerking each other off and doing weird helicopter moves with their giant dicks. It was…distracting.

FPM: An unmentionable song, movie or book you love?

LL: I love it when pop stars make vanity films. Mariah Carey in “Glitter”, Britney Spears in “Crossroads”…I could watch that shit over and over on repeat forever.

FPM: Favorite TV series?

LL: True Blood…or RuPaul’s Drag Race. I can’t decide. I love TV so much. It’s embarrassing.

FPM: Is there a fictional character that turns you on?

LL: I always think Jesus is pretty hot in Bible movies

FPM: Which dead celebrity should come to life again?

LL: Divine. Hands down.

FPM: Let’s say the world ends and you have to choose one person (not your actual boyfriend / girlfriend) to be the last two survivors and improve (or not) the human race. Who would you choose?

LL: I guess maybe I would choose John Hamm, but just so his penis could keep me company. That thing’s a monster!

FPM: Something you couldn’t live without at home?

LL: Wireless Internet

FPM: Something you will never have at home?

LL: Vodka

FPM: You fall in love immediately with people who…

LL: Have never heard of me.

FPM: The first question you would ask for on a fast date would be…

LL: Have you grown out of the bar scene yet or what?

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