Exclusive Logan Lynn Interview on Australian Pop Culture Blog Tabloid Junk! Read It Here.

Logan Lynn on Tabloid Junk June 2014

I was interviewed by Australian pop culture blog Tabloid Junk this past week. We talked about love ending, new songs beginning, and a whole bunch of other stuff. Read the original (and watch my new video) HERE, or read the transcript from our chat below.

From Tabloid Junk: (6/20/2014)

Interview with Logan Lynn: His Music, His Career, And THAT Miley Cover!

“Former Logo Network “NewNowNext Music” host, and musician Logan Lynn stopped by to chat with TabloidJunk about his career, his new music video, and that Miley Cyrus cover that earned him a million views on YouTube, and coverage in New York Magazine.

TabloidJunk: Congrats on the new video man, how would you describe it?

Logan: Thank you! I think Runn Shayo, the filmmaker who made it, did a really great job capturing the spirit of our live shows and what it was like to be on the road last summer with my band. Stylistically, the video is a trip.

TabloidJunk: Was the footage of things like planes, traffic, and people random, or was it to convey life going on as normal around you tho he’s “Radio silent”?

Logan: Not random, no. Is anything ever random in the world though, really? All of those scenes you are mentioning were a mixture of clips from tour and regular life. It’s meant to be a snapshot of a specific moment in time — just like my songs are.

TabloidJunk: I like the contrast in the song.. It’s obviously a kind of heartbreak song, yet has a party/dance like theme people can dance to. Did u consider holding this song for a less dancey album?

Logan: I tend to only be able to write when I’m having some sort of extreme experience, be that joy or sorrow. I never hold songs. In many ways, my songs end up being part of my mental health plan, so once the moment is gone for me, it’s gone. If I don’t capture those extreme experiences in realtime, they get put in a box, never to be shared. Holding songs equals killing songs, for whatever reason…which probably has something to do with why I have been so prolific at times.

TabloidJunk: How’s the new album coming along? When will it be out? I heard it’s going to have more of an acoustic feel?

Logan: Organic is probably a more accurate term, though there will be acoustic elements and more instruments than ever before. It’s still got keys in parts and it’s still dance music, but…not all the way through, and not in the same way that it has ever been before. We are shooting for a single this fall, with the record after the new year at some point — but we still have a lot of work to do before it’s done. I’ve been in one of those extreme experiences I was mentioning lately with my relationship ending, so I’ve been writing a lot…making a bunch of changes. It started out as a record about something that it is no longer going to be about, which is always part of the process (at least for me), but anyone who has followed my career at all the past 15 years could tell you that. I refuse to do anything that doesn’t feel true, so sometimes albums happen fast and sometimes they take me fucking forever — and much of that depends on how brave I’m feeling at any given time. I don’t always feel like stripping naked and letting the world pick me and my strange feelings apart. This record is coming along beautifully, though. I’m excited to release a couple of the songs this fall and it’s been fun to try them out for people at shows. We are reworking my live show currently, which we will be unveiling at Stargayzer Festival in Austin this September. I’m sure the new single will be out sometime around then too.

TabloidJunk: Now we have to talk about the Miley Cyrus cover.. A million views on YouTube! Was that a shock?

Logan: Oh god. Talk about perfect timing! Yes. Having over 700,000 views in the first 3 months was totally shocking and having my YouTube channel pass 3 million views last month was rad. Our goofy “We Can’t Stop” cover got picked up by New York Magazine and catapulted me and my music into a mainstream zone I had never even come close to before, which then carried over to my own songs and videos from there. People can say what they want about Miley or about indie bands covering pop stars to get attention, but we did that shit almost as a joke and it did more for my career by accident than the 14 years of hard work and major label bullshit had ever done for me at any point. It has been really awesome to now be in a place where all different kinds of people from all over the world are tuned in. That also makes me feel a bit of pressure, though…but I’ve been trying not to think about that so I don’t poison everything!

TabloidJunk: And final question – Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Logan: I hope I have real, lasting love in my life and that I am surrounded by people who are trustworthy and have respect for me as a person. Everything else is bullshit, so…who cares?

TabloidJunk: Great answer! Thanks for stopping by for a chat, and best of luck with the new shows and upcoming album.

Logan: Thank you for chatting with me!”

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