Logan Lynn Featured in 3 Part Interview Series on the Sonicbids Blog This Month

Logan Lynn Social Media Sonicbids Article

I was interviewed by Sonicbids this month for a 3 part blog series. Read “The Indie Artist’s Guide to Talking Politics on Social Media” HERE, “Top 10 Qualities to Look for in a Tourmate” HERE, and “Low Turnout at Your Show? Here are 10 Secrets for Making the Night a Success Anyway” HERE.

Here are some of my quotes from the pieces, as well:

“Indie pop-rock artist Logan Lynn loves this aspect of talking about politics and social justice. ‘I welcome dissent,’ he says. ‘I’m not posting about my beliefs with the idea that the world is supposed to agree with me, but more often than not, the people who listen to my music also want to listen to me rant about mental health, recovery, and ending racism and homophobia.'”

“Once you’ve found out who snores and who’s willing to carry some of the load, pop-rock artist Logan Lynn says touring with the right friends can provide a heck of a boost. “We had a really long, hard tour a few years back where it felt like we were miles out to sea without a paddle at times, and I remember feeling so grateful that I had my collaborator Gino Mari with me to talk me off the ledge. I find that when I’m so far from home, it’s important to have home there with me. My band boys do that for me.”

“Logan Lynn adheres to this ideology, as well. “I’m not into playing or touring with folks who have bought into some rock ‘n’ roll cliche about sex, drugs, and rock and roll,” he explains. “My band has been playing together for a decade because we care about the music, and we all wash our hands.”

“This may seem obvious, but if you’re going to be in a van with someone for hours on end, you better make sure they (and you) consider personal hygiene an important part of life. Logan Lynn remembers a time when he was on the road with a band that didn’t think cleanliness was all that important. “I was grossed out for 34 days. There have been plenty of people we’ve played shows with who were a nightmare to work with, but it’s the wasted ones with B.O. that I remember.” – You want to be memorable, but not for your stench.”

“Although it may be a bit depressing to step out onstage and see only a handful of people in the crowd, when it comes to putting on a great show, audience size doesn’t matter nearly as much as you think it does. According to indie pop rock artist Logan Lynn, “Some of the best shows I’ve been to with some of my favorite bands have been poorly attended, and some of the worst live garbage I’ve ever lived through has been amid a sold-out crowd.”

“Seeing artists you’re a fan of in the crowd also adds something special to a show. This happened for Logan Lynn when his band played a small show during MusicfestNW in 2007. “Not very many people were there,” he recalls, “but everyone who was there was a musician I adored. Courtney Taylor-Taylor from the Dandy Warhols was there – that night led to our getting signed with their label, actually – Johnny Jewel and Ruth Radelet from Chromatics, Nathan from Gossip, James Mercer from the Shins. It was crazy. I remember feeling like it was such a special scene, and so lucky to be a part of it. I also remember feeling like it was super weird that I was the one onstage.”

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