Thank you for playing New Money!

This week New Money appeared on the Top 30 Charts of WMCX 88.9 FM in West Long Branch, NJ (#23), 88.3FM WXOU Radio in Rochester, MI (#23), KSYM Radio in San Antonio, TX (#25), FLOOD FM in Los Angeles, CA (#25), WRRG, in River Grove, IL (#26), and KAMP Radio in Tucson, AZ (#29) after debuting at #18 at WXOU in Rochester, MI and #30 at CHMR 93.5 in St. John’s, Newfoundland. The album is on the Electronic Charts at WCSF Radio in Joliet, IL (#7) and CHMR-FM in St. John’s, NF (#9), as well.

She’s also in rotation at KEXP in Seattle, WA, 89.5 WAHS in Auburn Hills, MI, KRCB 104.9 in Rohnert Park, CA, WNTH Radio 88.1 FM in Winnetka, IL, WoduRadio in Norfolk, VA, core station WMSE 91.7FM in Milwaukee, WI, WERA 96.7 FM in Arlington, VA, WNTH RADIO in Winnetka, IL, WLTL 88.1 FM in LaGrange, IL, WIUP-FM in Indiana, PA, and a ton of other stations. Thank you all so much for playing my songs! This radio thing that’s happening right now is a trip.

Huge thanks to my team at The Planetary Group and Kill Rock Stars for believing in me and this record. I love you all so much. 💋

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