“2021 Performers of the Year”
– Out Magazine

“This Portland artist’s latest album is a well-crafted set of New Wave-influenced electro-pop with bright synths, propulsive rhythms and buoyant melodies.”

“A testament to queer power and gay joy”

“The sound of lo-fi New Order fused to Depeche Mode grime, albeit with lots more hedonism, gay sex, and musical provocations of the most pleasurable sort — the guy knows what he’s doing, and it’s a delicious thrill to hear.”
– The A.V. Club

“An amazing piece of musical art. New Money makes you dance and it makes you think. Masterfully captures the juxtaposition between dance and thought, between light and dark.”
– Portland Radio Project

“Logan Lynn returned with the delightfully high energy album New Money and fabulous songs like the ultra-danceable Rich And Beautiful really are testament as to why Lynn has endured as long as he has.”
– God Is In The TV (UK)

“Simple, direct and effective. With this album, Lynn has tapped into the consciousness and sound of 1980s synthpop and stripped it back to the bare bones, leaving only deep hooks and emotion on display.”
– musicOMH

“Empowering + Euphoric”
– Mundane Magazine

“A tribute to finding community when feeling like an outcast.”
– Voice of America

“Kill Rock Stars were my label of the year in ‘21 on their 30th anniversary and one reason they’re still vital is Logan Lynn, whose latest New Money is full of heartfelt lyrics worn hard on a Gucci sleeve, backed by disco ballsy glitch. Upbeat music with melancholic yet optimistic lyrics, it’s a real effervescent blast, a slap of cologne round your chops.”
– Velvet Sheep (UK)

“We loved Logan Lynn’s new album. Musically speaking, it’s super catchy, danceable, sensual, scintillating, halfway between 80s Synthpop and 2020s Electropop. With New Money, Logan Lynn seems to send a rainbow loaded with good vibes from Portland and it feels good.”
– La Parisienne Life (France)

“Logan Lynn captures the high beauty and strength of simple togetherness.”
– Backseat Mafia

“Urgent, danceable, inspired songs.”
– Myskeuds (France)

New Money is out now on Kill Rock Stars. Get some everywhere music is found.

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