SOFTCORE LP + Film Coming 6/7/24

I am really excited to share the first single off of my upcoming full-length LP and film for Kill Rock Stars, each titled SOFTCORE. Find me at the intersection of masculinity and femininity, of hard and soft.

This first song — out today — is the album opener, and it’s a cover of an old Bill Callahan SMOG jam, To Be Of Use. This track is one of my all-time favorites from my youth and, for me, it has always been about wanting to feel useful in a relationship, and in the world.

Stream the single:

SOFTCORE is out June 7th on Kill Rock Stars. Pre-order now on vinyl, CD, or digital:

— Tracklist —
1. To Be Of Use
2. I’m Just A Hole, Sir
3. I Feel Alone When I’m With You
4. Where The Sun Don’t Shine
5. Bet It All
6. We Will Try To Bring The Sun
7. Send Your Army
8. I Get High (featuring Capital B)
10. Giant
11. Kill For Love

Album Produced by Gino Mari and Logan Lynn. Recorded by Gino Mari at The Country Club Studios in Portland, OR and Jesse Rundle at Mixed Metaphor in Boise, ID. Mixed and Mastered by Gino Mari and Stephan Hawkes at The Breakroom Studio in Los Angeles, CA.

Film produced by Interval Films. Directed by Joshua Emara. Edited by Mario Nolasco.

Photo + Creative direction by Casey M. Dudley. Artwork + layout by Jealous Butcher. Wardrobe by Marrakshi LIFE with custom looks by Dimaz.

Big thanks to the team at Charm School Media, Redeye, Terrorbird, The Planetary Group, Duchamp, Cravedog, and everybody at KRS and Exceleration Music for making all of this possible! I love y’all.

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