Logan Lynn’s Mo-Wave Festival Showcase Featured by About Face Magazine

Logan Lynn and DJ Gino Mari Live in Portland (June 2013)

About Face Magazine posted about my ‘Mo-Wave Festival showcase on their blog.  Thank you, About Face! I love me some hometown love, y’all.  So awesome!

Click the magazine cover below to check it out on the About Face website, or keep reading below for the transcript.




From About Face Magazine: (3/11/14)

The 2014 ‘Mo-Wave Festival is happening in Seattle April 11-13 at Chop Suey, and this week the festival announced that the 2014 ‘Mo-Wave lineup will include a showcase with Portland queer indie pop musician (and former Dandy Warhols protégé) Logan Lynn.

Lynn has had a really big year. His cover of Miley Cyrus’ “We Can’t Stop” was released as a single in September courtesy of RCA Records / Sony Music Entertainment and was picked up in its first week by New York Magazine, Vulture, The Huffington Post and a slew of other media outlets. The video is now less than 50,000 views shy of 1 million — thanks in no small part to Miley performing Lynn’s arrangement of the song on Saturday Night Live. Logan’s follow-up video for his single “Tramp Stamps and Birthmarks” has been watched over 625,000 times since its release on Halloween. Both songs found an instant home with college and alternative radio stations, and Lynn has amassed a total of over 3 million views to videos on his YouTube channel since August.

Logan Lynn’s ‘Mo-Wave showcase will take place on Sunday, April 13th, at 4:00pm. Tickets and passes are on sale now at Space is very limited and the festival is expected to sell out quickly.

Named “Best Festival” in 2013 by Seattle Weekly, ‘Mo-Wave is unmatched in its eclectic blend of art and diverse queer culture. This mix immediately struck a chord with audiences in its first year, and one only has to glance briefly at the 2014 lineup below to see that the ‘Mo-Wave crew are back at it again for year two.

The full 2014 ‘Mo-Wave Festival lineup includes: Logan Lynn, MX Justin V. Bond, Christeene, Zebra Katz, Carletta Sue Kay, Tacocat, Slava Mogutin, Ononos, Night Cadet, Boy Funk, Death Metals, Dust Moth, CZARL1NG (featuring Members of The Need/Grass Widow/Broken Water), Adé, Frederic Fleury, Narcissister, Jordan O’Jordan, L’Orth, Brian Kenny, LoneSome Leash, Tenderfoot, Half Breed, Sashay, Palo Verde, Spear and Magic Helmet, Frank Correa, Michael Horwitz, Your Heart Breaks, Belles Bent For Leather (Judas Priest Tribute), Queen Mookie, Amoania,Glitterbang, Hypnotits, Brian Brittigan, Zackary Drucker, MKNZ, Earl Dax, Crypts and more!


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One Response

  1. Ritchie says:

    Last year was mind blowing. This year’s lineup looks just as good if not better. Just got our tickets.





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