LOOK: Keep Oregon Well with Eric Hutchinson at the Skype Live Studio (PHOTOS + VIDEO)

Keep Oregon Well Show with Eric Hutchinson Sheila Hamilton Logan Lynn (2015)

As part of our ongoing concert series with Trillium designed to raise awareness about mental health and fight stigma through rock and roll, we had the pleasure of partnering with pop musician Eric Hutchinson this week with Kink FM at the Skype Live Studio!

Eric is currently touring the world with American Idol royalty Kelly Clarkson and took a few hours out of his day before their Portland show at Moda Center to chat about mental health, play a few songs, and take some photos with his fans after they signed up for the #KeepOregonWell Pledge!

Listen to Kink FM or download the Kink App for details on how you can win tickets to one of our upcoming “Keep Oregon Well” shows!

Watch video of our interview with Eric Hutchinson and Sheila Hamilton before the show here:

Watch video from Eric’s “Keep Oregon Well” performance here:

Check out photos from the show here:


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