LOOK: Keep Oregon Well with Flo Rida, Dillon Francis, Tori Kelly, Kalin and Myles, and Katy Tiz! (PHOTOS + VIDEO)

Keep Oregon Well show with Live 955 and Flo Rida in Portland (2015)

As you already know, all summer long this year, I am partnering with bands and musicians from all over the world to raise awareness about mental and behavioral health and fight stigma right here at home through our “Keep Oregon Well” series of concerts and public advocacy events with Trillium!

This week we were thrilled to partner with pop superstar Flo Rida, international EDM phenomenon Dillon Francis, singer-songwriter Tori Kelly, young adult faves Kalin and Myles, and Katy Tiz from the UK for our #KeepOregonWell show with Live 95.5 at the Washington County Fairgrounds. Over 3,000 people attended the show, and our advocacy street team gave out tons of prizes and signed up hundreds of people for the Pledge to fight stigma. It was incredible.

Special thanks to Flo Rida in particular, for his support of our campaign efforts and for letting us hang out backstage with him before the show and be part of this special night — and a huge shout-out to our “Keep Oregon Well” street team, who braved the 103 degree heat, all in an effort to fight stigma through music!

Trillium with Flo Rida

Here’s the rest of what happened…

Flo Rida done brought it. Brung. #KeepOregonWell

A video posted by Logan Lynn (@loganlynnofficial) on

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