Actor & Comedian Jay Mohr Pens Heartfelt Review of Logan Lynn’s Forthcoming Double Album “ADIEU.”, Releasing September 23rd

Jay Mohr Review - Logan Lynn ADIEU (2016)

by Jay Mohr, 7/20/2016

Album: ADIEU.
Artist: Logan Lynn
Score: A+

Logan Lynn’s ADIEU. is a victory for the broken bones and bruised hearts that support our heavy souls.  Impossibly, yet beautifully, ADIEU. makes no claims to anything other than a simple truth: Life is awful, until it’s not.

From the first sentence on the first track (I like it All The Time) Logan Lynn plants a flag of newfound, possibly tenuous independence, singing “Some like it rough, I like it all the time.”  The puzzle pieces that come into view as the album progresses reveal that “it” could be anything from love, pain, pleasure, criticism, praise or friendship.

Logan Lynn by Ray Gordon (2016) - 5ADIEU. is an enormous accomplishment in its ability to keep listeners guessing and re-guessing who Logan Lynn is, and where in this galaxy he comes from. In each track, the truth is always there, a scavenger hunt of feelings with constant payoffs — sometimes hidden on the surface, beneath the surface and so far below cold dark waters that you haven’t even noticed you’ve been dragged under and into his life.  After all, this is, an album about life; a life of suffering; a life of love lost; a life of love found; a life of confusion; a life identified as having value and reclaimed.

Logan’s lyrics are unequaled. They are his and his alone. To cover a Logan Lynn song would be identity theft. A heist. Grand larceny. Break me Down (the best song on the album) is so honest and truthful that with just one pass through the lyrics you feel like an intruder. A spy. A fly on a wet wall about to drop into a broken hearted lap and ruin what remains of what was once an incredible party.  The lyric “Tell me you love me and I’ll kill it with you in time” is such a powerful admission from a co-conspirator; both parties knowing full well their love cannot last, but begging for acknowledgement of what was once the greatest, most fulfilling, shared experience.

I advise you to walk blindly into this album and just sit still. Lynn does all the work for you. It’s his life’s work and it has taken him a few lifetimes to get here. Logan is a brave, brave artist.

The only characters in this Monet painting are his feelings. The greatest instrument on each song is his acknowledgement of his own heartache. He continually opens his ribcage and lets all of his broken heart out.  When Lynn trusts himself entirely — rids himself of synthesizers and effects — he will separate himself from any of his peers. There is a producer out there that’s licking their chops at the very idea of stripping this man’s music down as deeply and thoroughly as he’s stripped himself.

Logan Lynn - Adieu - Album Artwork (Back Cover) by Ian Ophelan (2016)The record’s first single, The One, smashes forward as a garage rock classic and u-turns into a love song (or perhaps an un-love song) and the second single, Go There When You Want To Be Loved, is a lesson in double entendre.  On Wandering The Kingdom the lyrics and music are so perfectly incongruous that each verse has you guessing if this is a song of celebration or destruction.  The answer is YES.  Nothing on ADIEU. is binary. Nothing is simple. And neither is life.

That’s what makes this such a watershed album. One message in a billion different directions:  I’m a mess and I’m OK. You’re a mess and you’re OK. We’re all OK, perfectly smashed and reassembled.

The song We Will Overcome could easily be the next smash hit single from R.E.M., which is simultaneously a compliment and a complaint. Bands like R.E.M. have enormous corporate overlords pushing and pulling influence in favor of the band. Comparatively, Logan Lynn has to go it alone; and that’s the way it should be with material this personal. Hands off. Let him do this by himself — It’s the only way it can work.  And it works and works and works.  Logan Lynn’s eighth album sounds like a beginning — a launch pad of things to come. Great things. Personal things.

The truth is out, friends. For anyone that has ever felt disconnected, unheard, under-appreciated or unrequited, this is the album to hold tightly to your chest. It’s the least one can do for a man that was brave enough to walk you through his insides.  I love Logan Lynn’s ADIEU. and can’t wait for his next album with less everything and more Logan.  Always more Logan. These songs and their weighted signals should never be clouded. The truth is too great.

Keep digging.  There’s treasure in you. 

– Jay Mohr (Actor, Comedian, Radio Host and Bestselling Author)


Click HERE to pre-order ADIEU.
Click HERE for more on Jay Mohr — and listen for Logan Lynn on Jay’s Podcast this fall!


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