Actor & Comedian Jay Mohr Pens Heartfelt Review of Logan Lynn’s Forthcoming Double Album “ADIEU.”, Releasing September 23rd

Jay Mohr Review - Logan Lynn ADIEU (2016)

by Jay Mohr, 7/20/2016

Album: ADIEU.
Artist: Logan Lynn
Score: A+

Logan Lynn’s ADIEU. is a victory for the broken bones and bruised hearts that support our heavy souls.  Impossibly, yet beautifully, ADIEU. makes no claims to anything other than a simple truth: Life is awful, until it’s not.

From the first sentence on the first track (I like it All The Time) Logan Lynn plants a flag of newfound, possibly tenuous independence, singing “Some like it rough, I like it all the time.”  The puzzle pieces that come into view as the album progresses reveal that “it” could be anything from love, pain, pleasure, criticism, praise or friendship.

Logan Lynn by Ray Gordon (2016) - 5ADIEU. is an enormous accomplishment in its ability to keep listeners guessing and re-guessing who Logan Lynn is, and where in this galaxy he comes from. In each track, the truth is always there, a scavenger hunt of feelings with constant payoffs — sometimes hidden on the surface, beneath the surface and so far below cold dark waters that you haven’t even noticed you’ve been dragged under and into his life.  After all, this is, an album about life; a life of suffering; a life of love lost; a life of love found; a life of confusion; a life identified as having value and reclaimed.

Logan’s lyrics are unequaled. They are his and his alone. To cover a Logan Lynn song would be identity theft. A heist. Grand larceny. Break me Down (the best song on the album) is so honest and truthful that with just one pass through the lyrics you feel like an intruder. A spy. A fly on a wet wall about to drop into a broken hearted lap and ruin what remains of what was once an incredible party.  The lyric “Tell me you love me and I’ll kill it with you in time” is such a powerful admission from a co-conspirator; both parties knowing full well their love cannot last, but begging for acknowledgement of what was once the greatest, most fulfilling, shared experience.

I advise you to walk blindly into this album and just sit still. Lynn does all the work for you. It’s his life’s work and it has taken him a few lifetimes to get here. Logan is a brave, brave artist. Read the rest of this entry »

Logan Lynn Leaks New Track “I Like It All The Time” From Upcoming Album “ADIEU.” Two Weeks Before Its Release

Logan Lynn and Gino Mari by Ian Ophelan (2016)

After 4 years in the making, my new record with Gino Mari, ADIEU. comes out 2 weeks from today! To celebrate, we leaked the 1st track off the album, “I Like It All The Time” over on Bandcamp.

Listen HERE and download it instantly when you pre-order ADIEU. on Bandcamp. The album is also available for pre-order on Apple Music, iTunes and everywhere music is streamed and sold.

Take song 1 for a spin below…and we’ll see you tomorrow night at Mississippi Studios, Portland!

LOOK: Jay Mohr and Logan Lynn Discuss ADIEU, Mental Health and More in the Keep Oregon Well Studio at iHeartMedia (VIDEO)

Logan Lynn and Jay Mohr (2016)

I had a blast hanging out and talking music and mental health with my buddy Jay Mohr today in our ‪#‎KeepOregonWell‬ Wellness Zone out at iHeartMedia!

He had such amazing things to say about my new record ADIEU and we went deep around our own battles with mental health struggles, life on the other side of addiction, and more. (or Mohr, as it were)

I love this dude! I’m going to be the guest on Jay’s podcast later this year, as well…so stay tuned. 😉

Watch the video of our conversation below:

And here are a bunch of cute tweets and photos:

Landon Lynn and Jay Mohr (2016)13709863_1291682560843634_2099478879594641921_nJay Mohr and Logan Lynn (2016)FullSizeRender (4)FullSizeRender (1)FullSizeRender (2)FullSizeRender (3)FullSizeRenderIMG_0782

Logan Lynn’s New Album “ADIEU” Featured in Coming Up Music Magazine This Week

Logan Lynn Austin Texas (2016)

Thank you to Coming Up Music Magazine for featuring my upcoming record “ADIEU” this week! Check out what they had to say about my new tunes online HERE, or you can read the transcript below.

From Coming Up Music Magazine: (May 31st, 2016)

“The stars aligned this weekend when I got the chance to head to Portland for the first time and yes, it’s as beautiful as one would expect the wet Northwest to be. What I didn’t expect though was the insanely nice people. Coming from a city where “good mornings” and smiles are few and far between, it was odd to feel so welcomed by a city where I was a mere tourist. That’s why I wanted to find an artist today that calls Portland home. It was a way to pay it forward…back? Nevertheless, who I found was a man who is doing far more than being a nice Portlandian (is that what they call themselves?). Logan Lynn is likely a doll since he’s from the city of bridges, but he’s also a man who’s seen the lowest of lows and has suffered greatly, and is now shining a light on the his struggle with mental illness as well as his own recovery from an almost two-decade addiction on his September release, ADIEU.

On this record fans can find Lynn stepping away from his electronic norms and edging more towards a rock pop vibe. While a change of pace, it’s still a record that will speak volumes for the content brought to the table. Mental illness, while more in the mainstream now, is still something we as a society are still learning a great deal about. Especially when it comes to understanding what it can cause someone living with it to do. All situations are different and Lynn is telling his side of it through song on ADIEU. He’ll also delivery melodies and arrangements about his recovery process from a cocaine addiction that almost ended his time on earth eight years ago.

Fans can get ADIEU when it drops September 23, and in the meantime can check out his Keep Oregon Well campaign which stands to put an end to the stigma put on mental illness through the creative arts.”

Logan Lynn’s “Tramp Stamps and Birthmarks” Music Video Premiers on Halloween (PHOTOS)

Still From Logan Lynn - Tramp Stamps and Birthmarks Music Video - October 31st 2013 Release

My new video “Tramp Stamps and Birthmarks” premiers on 10/31/13 – Halloween! I worked with the cool kids at Hippodrome this time around to produce a truly horrifying psycho-sexual mini-film and it is going to scare the bejeezuz out of you forever. Oh god. So gnarly.

We’ll be announcing more info about the premier soon, but here are some stills to tide you over. That’s me in the middle of the woods, freezing cold in a dog cage.






You only have to wait a couple more weeks for this puppy, so get ready! In the meantime, click HERE to watch my other videos.

“Tramp Stamps and Birthmarks” Music Video Cast & Crew:
Cast: Logan Lynn & Robert D’Esposito
Kevin Forrest: Co-Director and Director of Photography
Ben Starkey: Co-Director and Editor
Josh Smith: Gaffer and Grip
Emily Yurek: Art Director
Kelly Raine: PA
Produced by Hippodrome Media

New York Magazine Features Logan Lynn’s “We Can’t Stop” (Miley Cyrus Cover) This Week On Vulture


Today will forever be known as the day New York Magazine called me “dreamy” on the internet. At least…that’s how I’m going to remember it.



Check out the article on NY Mag’s Vulture blog HERE or by clicking the current issue cover below.


From New York Magazine, Vulture: (9/18/2013)

“We Can’t Stop With These ‘We Can’t Stop’ Covers – And Why Should We? Arguably the track that would have been 2013’s Song of Summer were it not for “Blurred Lines,” Miley Cyrus’s “We Can’t Stop” has managed to linger far beyond the whole twerking thing that initially captured popular attention. How do we know this? Aside from being stuck in our heads since its release and being played at every summer wedding we went to, the song has also produced several very good covers. Doo-wop ones, reggae ones, and ones that really get into the heart of the matter. Neon Hitch’s brass-filled reggae cover, Logan Lynn’s dreamy, guitar-heavy version, Scott Bradlee & Postmodern Jukebox’s doo-wop version and Bastille’s incredible cover, which mashes up “We Can’t Stop” with Miley’s father Billy Ray’s “Achy Breaky Heart” to create a narrative of a rebellious child and her concerned father.”

LISTEN: Logan Lynn Releases Cover of “We Can’t Stop” (Miley Cyrus) – FREE DOWNLOAD

We Can't Stop (2013) Logan Lynn

On the heels of my summer tour of the U.S. with Big Dipper and Conquistador, I have just released a cover of We Can’t Stop (by Miley Cyrus) that is going to blow your mind.  Click HERE to listen and download the single free on Soundcloud or HERE to do the same on Bandcamp.  The official lyric video is also streaming on YouTube HERE.  It technically doesn’t come out until Tuesday (9/17) but…you know…we can’t stop.


Produced by Gino Mari, who also produced my 2012 release Tramp Stamps and Birthmarks, this song features all organic instrumentation unlike anything else I’ve recorded to date.  Why Miley, you ask?  Well…I thought what Miley did on the VMAs was hilarious.  I mean…Robin Thicke is a disgusting misogynistic pig who actively promotes rape culture, but that’s not Miley’s fault.  She’s just young and awkward and having fun.  I would have totally Twerked on him and everyone else in my way at her age.  Going nuts and telling authority figures to go screw themselves is part of growing up.  Also, where do I get one of those giant foam fingers she had for that performance?  Is that a sports thing or what?!

You may notice that this cover (and my latest single, released 8/13) are a bit of a departure from the electronics I’ve become synonymous with over the course of the past 15 years.  These are just a glimpse into the new direction I’m headed in sonically.  I have to keep changing things up or I get bored.  This round I’ve put down the dance music a little and Gino has been playing all kinds of instruments instead.  It’s been turning out really warm and special so far as a result.  I figured this cold, dead pop song was the perfect thing to try and bring to life.  Don’t get me wrong – I actually really like Miley’s version, too…but it’s not particularly warm.

Click the cover art below to download Logan Lynn’s We Can’t Stop single FREE and watch the original We Can’t Stop video by Miley Cyrus HERE to compare versions.

Logan Lynn We Can't Stop Single Cover Art

Song Credits:

Logan Lynn: “We Can’t Stop” (Cover)
Vocals:  Logan Lynn
Music:  (Electric Air Organ, Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Piano, Cello, Drums, Backing Vocals, Tambourine): Gino Mari
Mixed by Gino Mari at The Country Club Studios – Portland, Oregon
Mastered by Stephan Hawkes at The Breakroom Studios – Portland, Oregon
2013 Logan Lynn Music (LLM)
Originally Recorded by Miley Cyrus 
(C) 2013 RCA Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

(Lyric Video by Dandy Jon)

Logan Lynn’s “Tramp Stamps and Birthmarks” Reviewed in July Issue of Mondo Sonoro Magazine (SPAIN)

Logan Lynn in Mondo Sonoro

My new record “Tramp Stamps and Birthmarks” is reviewed in the July 2013 print issue of Spain’s Mondo Sonoro Magazine! They gave it 3 1/2 stars (out of 5), which means a B+. The star rating is about as much as I can read, but if you are Spanish-speaking, click on the July cover or just keep reading below for the review.

Thank you, Mondo Sonoro! I dig that you dig the record.



From Mondo Sonoro (July 2013 Issue):

“Disco De Logan Lynn: Tramp Stamps and Birthmarks – Activista de la comunidad LGBT, periodista y todo lo que le echen por delante, Logan Lynn ha ido virando su género hacia el hedonismo sin frenos del pop sintético de las pistas de baile desde que debutara en lo musical en 1998 rindiendo pleitesía a la indietrónica. Aunque, eso sí, sin hacerle ascos a nada dentro de ese género madre, ya que a lo largo de “Tramp Stamps And Birthmarks” se manifiestan en buena medida los tropicalismos indie a los que nos tiene acostumbrados Kitsuné (“The Ghost Of Someone Else”), la sombra de los siempre a reivindicar Silver Columns (“Loud Enough”), unos The Postal Service hipotéticamente desbocados por el techno pop (“Hologram”, una de las mejores del lote) y hits potenciales que podrían haber sonado perfectamente en boca de Frankmusik (“Radio Silent”). La nueva criatura de Lynn no renueva su sonido más reciente, pero nos deja un buen puñado de momentos perfectos para quemar calorías bailando antes de que se reserve dos últimos números que rebajan drásticamente la adrenalina del conjunto.”






























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