New Logan Lynn X Yellow Trash Can Single “Help Me Out” Coming March 22nd!

I am so excited to announce that my new EP, Distracted — a collaboration with Production duo Yellow Trash Can — will be released on Kill Rock Stars July 21st!

The first single, Help Me Out, comes out 3 weeks from today. (March 22nd)

Pre-save the EP at and pre-save the single at! 💛🗑️

Last year I did something that surprised even me — I met a man from Boise and moved to Garden City, Idaho to be with him.

The songs on the Distracted EP are all about navigating that experience and the subsequent big life changes which followed — as well as the joy and peace I found in the process.

I had kind-of given up on love, sex, and relationships, and had spent over 5 years very intentionally practicing total celibacy — no dating at all — after my last relationship ended so unceremoniously. I was hurt and stuck and had gone so far inward I was nearly impossible to reach — but this man found me where I was at, pulled me in close, and has just continued to hold me there. It’s been nothing short of magic, and I wrote these songs with Yellow Trash Can to celebrate that.

The first track is about how scary it was to be seen, touched, kissed, and cared for after so long; how tricky long distance relationships can be; and how ultimately I was not able to get myself out of the solitude. It took a handsome, kind, compassionate man to help me out. These songs are for him. For us.

I also made a short film for the release with Filmmaker Katie Marks and will be putting out scenes from the Distracted movie over the coming months. Can’t wait to show you!

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