Something is coming in 2024. See you there.

Months ago I began working with Marrakshi LIFE on my looks for this upcoming era and we wrapped all of the music videos and photos back in October.

Lots of new, exciting stuff coming after the new year and we were trying to keep the whole thing under wraps until release day (which Kill Rock Stars will be announcing soon) but my QUEEN Erykah Badu released a video today where she is wearing the exact same look as one of mine and I just couldn’t let the moment pass me by. Twinning with the best!

Anyway, the season of big hats is upon us. Get ready for this look — and soooo much more — in 2024.

Oops we’re engaged.

Thank you, Idaho friends!

I decided to try living in Idaho one year ago today and found my house here a month later. It was a bold, reckless move and I honestly felt like I had fucked my entire life up for a minute, just given the twists and turns that took place right after I got here — but one day I just, like…felt better.

In the months that followed, I kicked off a bunch of projects and partnerships with really talented Boise music and film people, met a great man here by accident, and we fell in love. Life is happy and peaceful. A beautiful plot twist in the potato field.

That’s all just to say, I guess I live here. Thank you to everyone who has made me feel welcome and at home. 🌈🥔





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