Logan Lynn and Jay Mohr’s “Nothing’s Ever Wrong” Video on BoyCulture.com

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Fom BoyCulture.com: (9/11/18)

NOTHING’S EVER WRONG With A Jay Mohr Full Monty

Forty-eight-year-old Jay Mohr, the onetime SNL comic, goes fully nude in the music video for “Nothing’s Ever Wrong” by queer musician Logan Lynn. Great song and gutsy video …

Mohr, a huge fan of Lynn’s work, told The Spill:

“Nothing’s Ever Wrong” is one of my favorite songs. Not just on the album; it’s one of my favorite songs ever. There’s something so heartbreaking about it — so much story just off mic … because it needs to be. Logan Lynn is a loving artist. He knows he has doors to open that we can’t close, so in “Nothing’s Ever Wrong” he leaves out everything but what’s there … It shook me. I mean driving-and-crying shook me. It’s so beautiful. Indescribably beautiful, but it’s ominous for me … foreboding. Like if he goes any further it will break your heart; a door that can never be closed if he opens it.

Logan Lynn’s “Oh, Lucifer” Featured on Boy Culture Today! Check it Out.

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From Boy Culture: (1/23/2017)

“The Puppet Presidency: Lucifer Rising! Look, he was held prisoner by a fundamentalist religion as a kid, so Logan Lynn was never gonna release anything but songs/videos like ‘Oh, Lucifer’ right?”





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