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From Gay Pop Buzz: (9/13/18)

Jay Mohr Went Full-Frontal

1990s star Jay Mohr is back in our lives and he’s revealing a whole bunch of himself to us.

Remember Jay Mohr? He’s an actor and comedian who made big splashes in Hollywood in the 1990s and 2000s. While he’s not as famous as he used to be (despite working all throughout the 2010s), he’s recently made a big splash by going full-frontal.

That’s right, Jay Mohr is baring it all and for a music video to boot. Mohr is featured front and center (and we mean front) in the new music video for Logan Lynn’s “Nothing’s Ever Wong,” and we know you’ll love it.

Want to see the scene with Jay Mohr’s thing? Check it out below.

But again for those too young to know, “Who’s Jay Mohr?”

He got his big break as a cast member on the legendary Saturday Night Live show in the ’90s. He then appeared in films like Picture Perfect.

But Jay Mohr wasn’t just working in the 1990s, he kept on working in 2000s tv shows like Ghost Whisperer and films like Are We There Yet? On top of that, Mohr has worked as a radio host for several radio talk shows like Jay Mohr Sports and the Mohr Storiespodcast.

Jay Mohr’s biggest moment (so far) may have been when he was nominated for a Primetime Emmy for his work as the host and executive producer of Last Comic Standing.

Now, we’re happy to see so much of Mohr (more than we have ever seen before). It looks like this is a growing trend of male actors being brave enough to go full-frontal on screen, and we are loving every little (or big) bit of it.







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