You like Podcasts? I’ve got them.

One cool thing about this album release has been all of the longform podcast interviews where I got to chat about the record, life, music, Kill Rock Stars, fashion, movies, and more — at length.

If you are curious about SOFTCORE and wanna hear me going on and on about stuff that I actually care about, this bud’s for you.

Thank you to Stereo Embers, Tour Stories, KXCI Inside Out, Music.gay, The 13th Floor (NZ), Baxies Musical Podcast, Revolutions Per Movie, Sticky Jazz, Indie BNB, and Too Much Effing Perspective for having me on.

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On the Bringin’ it Backwards Podcast this week

I was on the Bringin’ It Backwards this week, chatting about music, drugs, Old Portland, and a bunch of other stuff.

Listen to the interview HERE or you can watch the whole thing below.

Every time I have tried to write a memoir I always get to a point where I scream “eww!” and quit. People are weirdos and I’m one of them. There’s your book. 🖤

As Mental Health Awareness Month draws to a close and Pride Month begins, I sat down with Sheila Hamilton for a 2 part episode of the Beyond Well Podcast to chat about gay stuff, recovery, music, advocacy work, and Gucci.

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