Logan Lynn (2009)

“Pop Reviews Now” Interviewed me last week and posted the piece on their site today! You can check it out below or CLICK HERE to redirect to “Pop Reviews Now”!!!

…and now, for the interview…

From “Pop Reviews Now”:

“Logan Lynn may be virtually unknown to the mainstream music scene but around the indie music circles, he’s one of the biggest things ever. With acclaimed reviews for his newest release From Pillar To Post coming in from all around the world (and the internet) and the video for his lead single Write it On My Left Arm debuting on MTV, there’s no doubt that this guy will be here for years to come. So here’s what materialized when I picked his brains. Enjoy!

PRN: For my readers who haven’t heard of you yet, how would you describe yourself as an artist and your music?

LL: I think it’s safe to call what I do electropop, but I tend to explore the darker side of things lyrically and write about what’s real to me at any given time. Over the past decade since I released my first record my sound has evolved from a very stripped, lo-fi experience into what it is today. I think it’s much more musical now than ever before on the instrumental side, due to my working with such talented people in recent years instead of trying to do it all myself. It’s given me the chance to focus on the parts I am good at and let my collaborators handle the elements which fall under their expertise. It’s made the finished product more polished, full sounding…bigger.

PRN: To you, what is the most important element of a song – the instrumentation, the melody, the lyrics or what? Why?

LL: For me, it’s the Read the rest of this entry »





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