I’m on vacation this week but happy 3 year anniversary to me and Portugal. The Man! 🎉

We started partnering on advocacy stuff back in 2017 right as Woodstock was coming out, then activated dates on their 2018 summer tour, and I officially joined the team in 2019 to help build what would become PTM Foundation the following year.

This band really cares about people, and I’ve had the great pleasure of helping them raise and donate nearly $400,000 to the community since the start of the pandemic. This work, coupled with making music and trying to make the world safer for people, has been my solution to this time of prolonged grief and suffering in the world. It’s felt good to be able to do something that matters in the midst of it all.

Thank you to John, Zach, Eric, Zoe, Kyle, Jason and Rich for believing we could — and for making space for queer weirdos like me at your table. I love y’all.🖤

Huge thanks to Portugal. The Man for letting us put this show together for Kill Rock Stars at the PTM rehearsal space. It’s been rad. ❤️

We’re off until May 4th but here I am sitting in a chair that makes me look like I am a giant.

(Reader: I look like I am a giant because I am a giant)

Also I have had all of this stage lighting in my bedroom for months while we rehearsed and today the lighting team finally came and picked it all up in advance of secret things we’re announcing soon!

I got very sweaty and dirty but it feels like a mansion in here now. V pumped.









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