LOOK: Logan Lynn’s “My Movie Star” Companion Film Coming Next Year Alongside New Record (PHOTOS + VIDEO)


We just finished shooting “My Movie Star” and it is all super hush hush but I’m so excited for you to see this film next year!

Thank you to the entire cast: William Adkins, Brian Sutherland, Murren Kennedy, Nestor Valenzuela, Nathan Brown, Daniel Harvey, Dillon Graves, Mercedes Tracy, Suzette Blake, Cameron Price, Judy Bealer, David Gay, Tom Beaman, Kevin Martin and Nye Taylor.

And huge thanks to the most talented production crew around: Kevin ForrestMolly Preston, Steven Bishop, Asia Brown, Jen Elkington, Tiffany Ayers, Scott Ballard and Luke Kennedy! I adore you all.

Big thanks also to Great Notion Film Collective, Chris Pfeifer, Barrel Room PortlandStormbreaker BrewingMississippi PizzaBlack Book Guitars, Babylon Vintage, Beacon Sound¿Por Qué No?, Justin Zimmerman, Gearhead Production RentalsBlock Party BarricadesGlasys and Jay Mohr for making the whole thing possible.

Stay tuned…

Here I am being difficult on set:

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And here are some behind-the-scenes shots from the shoot: (We will release more closer to release time!)

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