Behind the Scenes: Logan Lynn and Jay Mohr’s “Nothing Ever Wrong” Film Shoot (PHOTOS + VIDEO)

We just wrapped the “Nothing’s Ever Wrong” film shoot with Jay Mohr! I’m exhausted and full of love. And speaking of love, I wrote a thing for my 90s Hollywood crush and this weekend I got to direct him in it! These are super dreamy times around here, friends.

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Thanks again to Patrick Guild, Brian Harris and Chris Peterson from Portland Center for the Media Arts for helping us pull off the impossible, to Landon Lynn for being the best Production Assistant ever, and to Sheila Hamilton for connecting us with the Gucci mansion in the first place!!!

But most of all, thank you to Jay Mohr for bringing this thing to life with me! I could not possibly adore you more and I’m so excited for everyone to see your performance! It will still be a while before that happens, but I’m excited all the same. 🙂


Check out stills and behind-the-scenes photos below:

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