Indie Rant # (I Lost Count)


Nobody should need anything but their naked eye to see that since the beginning I’ve been hiring publicity teams to promote my music and film work, boost social posts, and find creative placement angles so mainstream media outlets embed my videos, bringing views and visibility.
And honestly, it’s just how it works when you are perpetually trying to get your name out there as a relatively unknown independent artist. We’re all out here just doing whatever we can to beat the almighty algorithm and stand out in the crowd.
I’ve been managing and funding the entire production of all of my records, videos and tours myself for the past 20 years. There have been a few times where I’ve done that while on a label, but even then I was navigating most of this whole thing solo. And believe it or not, mentally ill gay guys who refuse to stick to a single genre longer than one album cycle and sing openly about their issues related to overcoming sexual trauma and crack addiction aren’t what all A&R reps at every record label are looking for. 👻
I’ve been doing all this because I need an outlet to work my shit out, and as a byproduct it has actually helped me build community around things I care deeply about; but I’m the first to admit a lot of my journey both publicly and privately has been more than a little goofy.

It would be so much cooler if I hadn’t learned everything I know about myself, about songwriting, about working with people, about animals, about love and loss, about the entertainment industry, about broadly what to do and what not to do in life — by fucking up publicly.
But, like, cool isn’t how I got here.
I got here by being tenacious, by fighting for a place at the table, and by sometimes sleeping my way squarely to the middle. I’ve hired the wrong people, fired the wrong people, missed chances, created problems, and spent a fortune.
Tactics and channels that might have worked for some marketing firm 10 years ago seem ancient now, and so does a lot of my music when I hear it. The world was completely different back when I was first really getting started. None of that same stuff exists now.
I feel beyond lucky to be at a place in my life and career where I have a publicity team that gets exactly how (and when) to represent me, a publisher who truly digs my catalog, a major licensing house working diligently to find commercial placements, and dream collaborators.
So far, this ride has been beautiful at times, and indescribably, unspeakably terrible at others.
At the end of the day, I’m just some guy who has managed to stay alive, still out here making songs that maybe people like or connect to every now and then, and maybe they don’t.
There’s nothing particularly unique about that and I’m not trying to convince you that there is. 🖤


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